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Army Aviation and Special Forces Command 602 Brigade Longxiang Camp Opened to the Public

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/03/07

1. The opening of camp demonstrates the combat readiness results for the construction of the Army and commemorates the “Anniversary of the Black Hawk Combat Team”, allows citizens to get in touch with various tactical and combat drills as well as appreciate the active-duty equipment in close proximity, profoundly understands the missions and characteristics of troops, agglomerates the national defense will and determination for all citizens, and enhances the defensive force of all citizens, along with integrating “Taichung World Flora Expo” and “Army and Family Day”, which creates a win-win situation in the region.

2. Event Planning:

(1) Implementation Date: March 30th, 2019 (Sat) 08:00 – 16:00

(2) Location: Xinshe Longxiang Camp (No. 32-5, Sec.2, Xingshe St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City)

(3) Implementation Conception:

To demonstrate the combat capability of Armed Forces and deepen the education of national defense, the 5th Combat Zone has organized “National Defense Intellectual Trip – Camp Opening” and the “Family Day Event” from the affiliated troops at the Xinshe Longxiang Camp to demonstrate the solid training achievement and the excellent performance of weapons and equipment of the Armed Forces.

(4) Guests: Apart from general citizens, local leaders, gentry, elected representatives, senior veterans, families of officers and soldiers, institutes, and school groups are also invited to participate the event in order to reinforce the effectiveness of propaganda so as to agglomerate the awareness of national defense for all citizens.

3. Event Items:

(1) Dynamic Activities:

Items include fighter aircraft overhead, helicopter flypast and performance demonstration, DragonSquad high altitude parachuting, air support as well as personnel search and rescue during fire, Army Academy battle drum performance, Taichung Municipal Taichung Girls’ Senior High School guard of honor performance, special forces combat performance, overall combat drill in open space, fighting vehicle test ride, artillery primer test pull, and combat attire fitting experience.

(2) Static Demonstration:

The equipment exhibition area consists of 18 various active-duty equipment including various helicopters, CM33 Armored Vehicles, Tunderbolt-2000, ground artilleries, air defense missiles, anti-armored missiles, as well as support vehicles and the communication and information systems for engineers and chemical soldiers. Furthermore, to promote national defense among all citizens while also echo the Taichung World Flora Expo, a “Flora Expo Promotional Area” will be set up at the camp opening event by the Taichung City Government; citizens who participate the events at the camp on the day are able to purchase the flora expo admission ticket with $200 (original price $350, approximately a 43% discount), and the ticket can be used until April 24th 2019 when the flora expo finishes.

4. Notices;

(1) Citizens entering the camp are to bring their certified documents (driver license, NHI IC card, or identity documents with photos) to facilitate inspection upon entry; those who do not have their identity documents or refuse to accept inspection are prohibited to enter the camp (citizens who board the shuttle bus can undergo identity inspection at the boarding point and proceed straight to the venue upon arrival).

(2) Smart phones or photographic equipment can only be used at opened visitation venues and photography locations of the camp area; drones and remote control aircrafts are prohibited, and those who violate the regulations, which in turn lead to leakages of confidential information and intelligence, will be prosecuted according to the law.

(3) Other foreigners (including news and media reporters) including non-foreigners, mainland spouses, and foreign caretakers are not granted to apply temporary camp entry without advanced approval.

(4) Please abide by the “Administrative Neutrality” position of the Armed Forces, and do not put on, distribute, post any apparels, flags, and propaganda relating to election, or organize campaigns; violates will be asked to leave the camp.

(5) Foreign caretakers need to present legal documents including passports for inspection, and accompany the patient when entering the camp.

(6) Before obtaining their national identification cards, foreign and mainland spouses should be accompanied by their Taiwanese spouses when entering the camp along with presenting legal documents including identification cards of their spouses and personal resident certificates for inspection.

(7) Foreigners and mainlanders other than the above-mentioned categories will not be granted for application of temporary camp visitation.

5. Service Information:

(1) Event Inquiry:

Army Aviation and Special Forces Command 602 Brigade – Major Lai Xin-an 0982979593

(2) Media Contact:

Colonel Huang Mei-hui, lieutenant colonel Lin Bo-xun 04-25820740、0932-497184-5

6. Traffic Information:

(1) Please board the free shuttle bus provided by the Ministry of National Defense as the roads at the Xinshe area are narrower and there are only limited ground access roads, which is more likely for traffic congestion to occur.

(2) FloraExpo Shengang Carpark (green line), Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium (purple line), and Dongshi Riverbank Park (pink line) provida a total of 19,000 free parking spots; in addition, locations including Taichung Flora Expo Horse Ranch Area (yellow line) and Taiyuan Station (blue line) also provide shuttle buses.

(3) Visitors to the north of Taichung City are recommended to park and connect at Flora Expo Shengang and the Dongshi Riverbank Park Carpark; visitors from Taichung City and to the south of Taichung City are recommended to park and connect at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium.

(4) See Facebook pages including “Ministry of National Defense Spokesperson”, “Army Command Headquarters”, and “Discover Taichung – Tourism and Travel Bureau, Taichung City Government” for detailed events and traffic information.

Port of Taipei National Defense Intellectual Trip and Neighboring Event

The Navy Command Headquarters has stated today (12th) that in order to facilitate local exchange between the military and civilians as well as promote national defense education for all civilians, the Coast Guard Administration, Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd., and Navy Command Headquarters will co-organize the 2019 Port of Taipei “National Defense Intellectual Trip and Neighboring Event” on March 23rd (Sat) from 08:00 to 16:00 at the coast guard base of the Port of Taipei.

This event was organized based on the consideration that it has been organized in Kaohsiung over the years, and the originally planned Suao Camp opening event was cancelled as officers and soldiers exerted all efforts into the disaster relief of the southern flood, hence the event plans to be implemented at the Port of Taipei according to the public opinion of northern citizens. The event will be implemented into two phases: the 1st phase will be focused on neighboring, where it will coordinate mission trainings on March 22nd from 08:00 to 12:00, and will be inviting citizens as well as junior high school, elementary school, and local elected representatives in the nearby areas from the Port of Taipei; the 2nd phase will be implemented on the official date of event (23rd), and will be inviting local leaders, central and local elected representatives, high school from the northern region, and ROTC schools, where everyone is invited to participate. In addition, the Dunmu detachment of the Navy happens to dock at Port of Taichung and is opened to the public for visitation on the day of the event, citizens from the central region are invited to catch a glimpse of the naval glory.

Citizens will be able to board and visit 4 warships at the event including the La Fayette Class, Jinjiang Class, Coast Guard Yilan Ship, and Taoyuan Ship, as well as appreciate the 2 docked Kuang Hua VI-class Missile Boats. 15 weapons and equipment are to be displayed on the pier including Thunderbolt-2000, Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Avenger Missile Car, AAV7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, Patriot III Missile Car, and Military Police heavy motorcycle; dynamic performance will consist of phenomenal performances including overhead of Dassault Mirage 2000, Navy Guard of Honor rifle drills, Army Academy battle drum team, Army Aviation and Special Forces Command combat performance, and dynamic drills of rubber boat at sea, where Changkeng Elementary School and Micang Elementary School will also be invited for co-performance, allowing the event to be more diversified.

The Navy Command Headquarters further pointed out that attending citizens can present their national identification cards (NHI IC card or driving license) for inspection; mainland spouses are to be accompanied by their Taiwanese spouses and present legal documents, and foreigners can enter the venue after presenting certified documents with the accompanying of local citizens. In addition, visitors from the Mainland area are forbidden to participate the event due to national defense concerns. The Navy Command Headquarters emphasized that visitors must abide by the “Administrative Neutrality” position of the Armed Forces, and refrain from wearing, distributing, posting any flags and propaganda relating to election, or organizing any campaigns.

2019 Angel Day Event Supported by the Ministry of National Defense

The Ministry of National Defense has been supporting the Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation on organizing the “336 Angel Day” event since 2015, which demonstrates how the Armed Forces show concern to the underprivileged, and has come an excellent tradition of loving and caring for the people.

The event will take place on March 16th (Sat) from 13:00 to 17:00 without impacting the combat readiness missions as usual, and the ministry will be supporting activities including “Dynamic Performance” and “Interactive Experience Booths” at Taipei Daan Forest Park and Kaohsiung Labor Park respectively; activites on the day will be conducted simultaneously with the locations and supported items as follows:
(1) Northern Taiwan (Taipei Daan Forest Park):

1. Dynamic Performance: 3 items including “Armed Forces Inflated Puppet Dance”, “Howling Tiger Combat Skills Squad”, and “Air Force Military Band Brass Quintet”.

2. Interactive Experience Booths: 6 items including “T-91 Assault Rifle Simulation Shooting Experience”, “Assault Vehicle Exhibition and Camouflage Experience“, “Flying Attire Dress Up and P-3C & IDF Mini Fighter Experience”, “Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces”, “Recruitment Center of Army Guandu District Command”, and “Ministry of National Defense Spokesperson’s Facebook Page”.

(2) Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung Labor Park):

1. Dynamic Performance: 2 items including “Armed Forces Inflated Puppet Dance” and “Marine Corps Guard of Honor Rifle Drills”.

2. Interactive Experience Booths: 2 items including “Marine Corps Equipment and Weapon Exhibition & Experience” and “Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces”.

The Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the Angel Day event has been moved to the Daan Forest Park last year (2018) for the first time, allowing angels to be in touch with Armed Forces soldiers in close proximity, and soldiers from all corners of the society have been dedicating everything to the relief of the underprivileged and social welfare. The solicitude of Armed Forces soldiers is yet again agglomerated this year to demonstrate their passion and concern towards underprivileged children and families, where the ministry hopes to create a ripple effect and get more people to support the angels with actual participation of the event.

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