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Military Political Education and Promotion Nomination Develops Communication Skills of Cadre Officers

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2016/05/26

In the “2016 Military First Semi-Annual Political Education and Promotion Work Review and Nomination Committee” conducted in the Bo-Ai Military Base by the Political Warfare Bureau, M.N.D. today, participating officers underwent fair assessment in the competition of trial lectures to be selected as outstanding cadres of the military so as to better promote political education and to strengthen the spirit of the officers and soldiers.

This time, the nomination committee invited instructor Fang Peng-Cheng from National Defense University, instructor Yan Kang-Zong from University of Kang Ning, instructor Xie Yi-Xu from Tamkang University and instructor Zhong Xin-Hao from National Defense University as the committee members while 17 outstanding promotion officers who have passed the preliminary trials drew lots for their lecture themes and conducted a 10 minute trial lecture for the officers and soldiers. After the trial lecture, the committee members will pose questions regarding current defense affairs at random to assess the officers on their response.

During the lecture, the participating officers put on their best performance and utilized elaborately prepared materials to explain on the topic, demonstrating their ingenuity and winning the praise of the committee members.

The Promotion and Psychological Warfare Department of the Political Warfare Bureau expressed that the aim of conducting the nomination is to develop political warfare talents who are “able to speak, write, promote and communicate” and through the establishment of role models, political education and promotion will be able to break free of traditional constraints and achieve better promotion of national defense policies, and also strengthen the mental health of the officers and soldiers.

The Minister believes that officers and soldiers are important assets of the country, and the cadre officers should care for the needs of their brothers and sisters. Under the principle of “Not Compromising Training and Management”, the cadre officers should care for their subordinates and ensure the unity of the forces.

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