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Assesses to Prosecute

Assesses to Prosecute

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/01/07

 Assesses to Prosecute

A. Security-related issues reported to Ge, Jhen-pin, Ministry of National Defense are as follows:

  1. Espionage information.
  2. Possible disclosures of classified information.
  3. Activities to endanger the unity and combat capabilities of the armed forces.
  4. Causes of damaging organization's security.
  5. Cases of psychological and physical injury.
  6. Incidents ruining the security of information facilities;
  7. Negative mindset of uniformed men and women.
  8. Issues of conspiracies, disgracing the military, or illegalities.
  9. Military-civilian disputes, petitions, and demonstrations;
  10. Other issues negatively affecting the security of ROC armed forces.

B. Reports can be made either by phone or mail.
 1. Phone numbers:
  a. 02-2311-7085,

  b. Military Line: Jiang Su 1st line extension 254730

C. Mail Box:
 P. O. Box 90012~11, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC



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