Development History

Development History

PostDate: 2012/05/07


Introduction of the General Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D


Since its establishment in 1924, the Whampoa Military Academy had already set up political work system. After the government was relocated to Taiwan, the academy reformed the political work system in April 1950, changing Political Staff Bureau to Political Department. In May 1951, it was renamed as General Political Department. Later in August, 1963, it was again renamed as General Political Warfare Department and the there were several modifications to its structural agencies. On January 15, 2000, the Two National Defense Acts passed the third reading and were promulgated for practices by the president on January 29, 2000. The legal source of relating political warfare system was thus verified. After the Organizational Ordinance of General Political Warfare Bureau was done with its legal process, it was put into performance in compliance with the Two National Defense Acts on March 1, 2002. 

The Bureau is a level 1 organization of the MND. It is commanded by the Minister and is the highest commanding organization over political warfare of the national armed forces. It plans and supervises the political warfare operation of the military. In the future, the focus of political warfare operation to the outside world will be "advertisement promotion", "psychological warfare", and "serve the public". Internally, the department tries to enhance "psychological counseling", "psychological warfare training", "military news handling" and "development of psychological combat ability of soldiers" to achieve the goals of "making stringer selves and conquer the enemies".



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