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In order to adjustment on structure of troops organization for Ministry of National Defense R. O. C., already establishes in the hospital of army Taoyuan, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Hualian and etc. the Mental Health Center of the region in 1999 1 July. In addition to devise the professional counseling officer, each center also hire the civil professional from the popularity; in addition, Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu the Mental Health Center of the region established in each defend the area, be responsible for the mental health work expansion and make a circuit of the teach, issue of professional councilor and counseling etc..


Service item and contact No. of each the Mental Health Center of the region is as follows:

List of contact No. for each" the Mental Health Center of the region" in the Army.

Division Title                                     Tel

Mental Health Center of Ministry of National Defense     (02)2312-2732

The Mental Health Center of the northern Taiwan         (03) 499-2295

The Mental Health Center of the central Taiwan          (04) 2393-9081

The Mental Health Center of the southern Taiwan         (07) 749-9742

The Mental Health Center of the eastern                (038) 263-258

Mental Health Center of Kinmen District                (082)332-090

Mental Health Center of Matsu District                 (083)622-064

Mental Health Center of Penghu District                (06)927-1955


Service Item

● Counseling of the novice

● Counseling of the living adaptation

● Counseling of family marriage

● Counseling of interpersonal relationship

● Counseling of love relationship

● Counseling of self exploration and suicide

● Counseling of Career planning

● Counseling of Referring and Addict

● Borrow of mental health books, periodicals, and video tapes and consult

● Consult of other mental, stress, and emotion problem

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