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Chung Cheng Navy Complex Open Day for Public Visit

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2018/08/15

In promotion of total defense education, showing the fruits of armed forces’ war preparations, and increasing the public’s knowledge and support for navy, the Navy Command Headquarters (NCH) will hold the “2018 National Defense Educational Trip- Complex Open Day for Public Visit” on August 25th (8 am to 4 pm) at the Navy’s Chung Cheng Navy Complex. Government and school officials, local dignitaries, as well as the general public are all invited to join a series of exquisitely arranged events. All participants will enjoy feast of national defense full of variety.

NCH says that events include submarines open for public visit, military equipment exhibition, land battlecraft performance, and recruitment fairs. Keelung, Ji Yang, Kang Ding, Cheng Kung, Yung Feng, Yung Jing, Jin Jiang-class frigates , Panshi fast combat support ship, and Tuo River class corvette are on display. Also on show are Guang Hua No.6 missile boat, S-70C and 500MD anti-submarine warfare helicopters, and naval mobile radar (missile) vehicles. Performances were brought by the Navy Band, Amphibious Reconnaissance Group, Marine Corps Chikwondo.

NCH points out that in the past, most of the complex open days were held at Zuoying complex. This year, Chung Cheng Complex in Suao was chosen for open day so that the public living in the north and in the east can have fresh experience. In addition, it is the first time that Chung Cheng Complex displays four types of the navy’s main war frigates at the same time, which are Keelung, Ji Yang, Kang Ding, and Cheng Kung-class frigates, as well as the new types of homemade Panshi and Tuo-river corvettes. By allowing the public to step onboard the vessels and have a more intimate experience with the ship, it is expected that people can better understand the fruits of navy’s war preparations and, in turn, give more support and care for the navy.

II. 2018 ROC Armed Forces Day- series of events

In celebration of 2018 ROC Armed Forces Day on September 3rd, the Ministry of National Defense kicked off with a series of events from August. At press conference today, Vice Minister (Policy) General Shen, Yi-Ming first explains the purpose of holding a series of events by the MND on Armed Forces Day, followed by Division Chief of Propaganda and Psychological Warfare Major General Chen, Yu-Lin elaborating the content of each event, and inviting representatives from businesses, social groups, schools, and sports teams for giving speeches on stage.

The Ministry of National Defense says that, in order to create a positive image for the armed forces, many sessions of events were held in connection with the main theme “Embracing Armed Forces”, including “recognition and awards ceremony”, “military-civilian joint dinner party”, “baseball game opening ceremony”, “flash-mob event”, “tribute to the military event”, and “businesses’ tributes to the military event”. In addition, a “hero film festival” and “books dedicated to Juguang program” are also part of the propaganda program so as to enroot the concept of total national defense.

At 10 am on August 30th, the “Armed Forces Day and Total National Defense Education Day Recognition Ceremony” was held to honor those who have put effort in annual war preparations and become role models for the armed forces. In total, 143 categories of awards, including Armed Forces Role Model, Role Model Chief Officer, Role Model for Military Tributes, and Total National Defense Exceptional Contributions, were awarded. It has been an exceptional and significant event where all heroes and role models gathered together.

On the other hand, the military-civilian joint dinner party “Embrace Armed Forces and Head Towards Prosperity” is scheduled to be held at 7 pm on August 30th at Taipei International Convention Center. The evening program includes celebrities such as Miu Chu, MATZKA, and Kang Kang. Other groups, such as Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Team, Taipei City Aboriginal Choir Team, Wugi Troupe, First Girl’s Senior High School, Juang Jing Vocational School, Neng Ren Vocational School, Ming Dao Elementary School, Military Academy Choir, as well as groups with military characteristics, are invited to perform on stage. The show is to be hosted by Kuo, Tzu-Chien and ALBEE. The diverse events is intended to bring out the atmosphere that the military and civilians are a family together.

The pitching ceremony for CPBL is to be held at 5:30 pm on August 31st at Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium. Themed “Iron Hero Homerun”, the event intends to show the spirit where “baseball players seek excellence by hitting homeruns, while the armed forces seek excellence by protecting the nation.” As part of the arrangement by the Ministry of National Defense, a role model from the armed forces is selected to pitch the opening ball. A joint performance will also be held by Heng Chun Vocational School, which had outstanding performance in the “National Senior High/Vocation School Marching Bands Competition” and the Marine Corps Marching Band. Yi Hsing Choir Team, which won the 31st International Franz Schubert Choir Competition, and the military cadets of National Defense University will jointly sign the national anthem. The final program will be the IDF aircraft performance. The Ministry of National Defense invites all citizens to join the celebration and cheer for the armed forces along with all fans.

In addition, the Friends of Armed Forces Association and General Welfare Service of the Ministry of National Defense formed alliance with famous companies in Taiwan to kick off a series of “business tributes to the military discount plans”. More than 14,000 companies joined the cause and offer discounts, including McDonald’s, Family Mart, Hi-Life, UBus, 85°C, Mos Burger, IMEI Foods, and Janfusun Fancy World.

As sports events are getting ever more popular in recent years, officers and soldiers of the armed forces often take part in all kinds of sport events on holidays, when they are off duties. Practically, they can be seen everywhere. The sports events organizers, including the Taoyuan Tribute to the Armed Forces Running Event, 3rd Miaoli Nighttime Marathon, and Tainan Liuying Milk Half-Marathon actively took part in tributes to the armed forces event because they wish to thank the armed forces’ effort in protecting our homeland. In addition, the General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) made a “craftsman spirit” movie clip introducing the armed forces’ parachute-making team, expressing its tribute to all military personnel and thanking them for staying firmly on duty. The clip will be released on Armed Forces Day and can be viewed on GACC’s official website, GACC’s Facebook page, Youtube, and MOD channels.

Another event deeply popular among youngsters is the “flash-mob” event, which brings surprises to the public. During press conference, the Ministry of National Defense played a clip that recorded the flash-mob event, which took place at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Plaza on July 29th. Performances included officers and soldiers showing off battlecraft, as well as singing and hip-hop dances performed jointly with students from Juang Jing Vocational School, Nan Chiang Industrial and Commercial Senior High School, Neng Ren Vocational School, Yu Da High School of Commerce and Home Economics, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, National Taipei University, garnering applauses and praises from the public. The Ministry of National Defense also announces that it will collaborate with schools, local groups, students, and artists and carry out three more “flash-mob” events simultaneously in northern, central, and southern Taiwan, showing the fruits of the armed forces’ promotion of total national defense.

Finally, Division Chief Chen stresses that the series of Armed Forces Day events are meant to show to the public how active and positive modern soldiers are today, in order to encourage all citizens take part in and learn more about national defense, as well as embrace the armed forces. On the other hand, the events are also meant to raise the military personnel’s sense of honor, keep up their firm faiths, and strengthen their confidence.

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