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Public Lot Drawing of AODE Summer Camp

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2018/05/23

The Ministry of National Defense held the public lot drawing press conference of 2018 “Only You for Fierce Summer Fighting” civil national defense education summer camp event, the Section Chief of Cultural and Psychological Warfare Section Major General Chen Yu-lin stated that the summer camp is under the principle of not influencing the main duty of combat and training, and opened 18 camps and recruit 3,170 participants. Among them, as the participants of the National Defense Medical Research Camp (120 participants) and Chung Chang Armed Forces Preparatory School Science Experience Camp (60 participants) are mainly recruited from students from medical related departments and junior high school students, and thus are independently recruited by the camp, the other 16 camps held by various army and the National Defense University aim to recruit 2,990 participants, and 2,704 participants was randomly select from online registration and provide other quotas to the Planning Division Office of the Deputy Chief of the Ministry of National Defense to recruit students from “National Defense Training Class”. In addition, in order to implement the government policy of caring vulnerable families, the camps follow the usual practice to add 5% of quota to provide free access of the camp to students from low-income households (these participants are not included in the total trainees), and the expenses is supported by budget of Ministry of National Defense.

According to Ministry of National Defense statistics, as of the registration deadline at May 14th, 7,050 students have registered; and the accepted and waiting list the National Defense Medical Research Camp (the quota is 120 participants) is announced at May 9th at the website of the National Defense Medical School (https://www.ndmctsgh.edu.tw); the admission information of Science Experience Camp (the quota is 60 participants) will be announced at May 25th at the official website of Chung Chang Armed Forces Preparatory School (https://www.ccafps.khc.edu.tw); the accepted (2,704 participants in total) and waiting list from online registration of the 16 camps and 32 batches which is selected today, and will be announced at “Political Warfare Information Website” (https://gpwd.mnd.gov.tw) and “All-out Defense Education Website ” (https://aode.mnd.gov.tw) at May 24th.

Chen Yu-lin pointed out that the Ministry of National Defense started to held summer camps that feature both national defense expertise and military characteristics every July since 2006, and invite students (junior high school or above) to experience national defense matters. The event has reached its 13rd year and trained 42,491 participants in total.

In addition, the highly anticipated and praised “Second National Senior High School Honor Guard Contest Final” will be held at July 7th, and the Ministry of National Defense will hold “online ballot” in advance during Jun 1st to Jun 30th, and will upload the performing video of the 9 schools advanced to the final stage to “All-out Defense Education Website ” (https://aode.mnd.gov.tw), people can vote for “Best Popularity Award” and “Predict the Champion” online, and it will be randomly selected to award 5 people of each item (10 people in total) who correctly predicted the winner, they will be awarded a 2018 all-out defense education doll.

Chen Yu-lin stated that all-out defense education is a continuous and long-term task, and it need the support and participate of ROC people. Participating summer camps can recognize young students the importance of the build the army and preparation for combat and the belief of national defense, and also encourage students who are not qualified to join the summer camp to participate on exciting events held by the Ministry of National Defense such as “National Defense Trial”, “All-out Defense in the Campus” and “Intellectual Journey – Open the Military Camp for Visit”, they can understand or experience military affairs in person and also enrich their summer vacation.

AODE Summer Camp
AODE Summer Camp
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