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Ministry of Defense announced the 106th annual reports of Defense report on Governance effectiveness

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/12/28

(reported by journalist ZHOU, Shen-Wei from Military News Agency on December 26th in Taipei) Defense ministry announced today at a regular press conference of the republic of China "defense report" in 106, the book in order to "keep Xinjiang soil, who see nations" as the main shaft, the nations with rich pictures, charts, defend the homeland and protect home real hard, want people to know the defense department nearly two years to strengthen national defense force, the revitalization of the national defense industry, promoting management and implementation of a national defense policy as and policy effect.

The Ministry of Defense quoted, since 81, the department of defense published on a regular basis "defense report", the 106 edition is 14, is also the President Tsai 1 of the defense report, since the book architecture to distinguish five chapter 10, from the strategy of "environment", "national defense development", "autonomous defense", "national defense governance" and the "glory" works for cuts, discusses the current global security environment, as well as China's military threat, at the same time stressed the contribution in maintaining regional stability and He Guo Jun active defense development efforts.

Defense pointed out that the report for the first time to use a large number of "information chart", will help the reader quickly grasp the important defense information, collect the communist party of China (including "pelagic sailing" data, make Chinese people understand surrounding the situation in the Taiwan strait and the communist party of China a military threat, and from the perspective of geopolitics, render the sketch of our country's important strategic position; At the same time, introduced the army major weapons, ground combat a suit, and national defense independently, make people understand the defense force and policy effect.

Moreover, the department of defense to expand reading mass, publish the widely popular with the youth group "Q version fury" with cartoon characters, hoping to attract readers, and can link "QR code" weapons and equipment; In addition, also use more anecdotal books design layout, reduce the distance with young readers, attract reading interest and achieve national defense.

Ministry of Defense published in 26th at a regular press conference publication of the National Defense report of Republic of China and cartoon version of Defense report. (photographed by journalist ZHOU, Shen-Ting from Military News Agency)
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