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Hsinchu Air-force is opened Thousands of citizens cheer for the troops

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/11/27

(reported by journalist Chou Sheng-wei from Military News Agency on November 25 in Penghu County) Hsinchu air-force sponsors the knowledge trip on national defense for all nationals today -- open its campus to nationals for viewing. After the incident of captain Ho has lost contact, the entire servicemen have reorganized their morale, and demonstrate strong will-power as they carry out the drill wholeheartedly as they give thanks to the support and encouragement of all nationals. The event should help let the entire nationals understand that the whole crew of servicemen is confronting challenges face to face, and working hard for safety of national defense.

At the campus opening event, it is jointly hosted by air-force commander Sheng Yi-ming, minster of national defense, Fung Shi-kuan, and Hsinchu city major, Li Chi-chien. Minister Fun, on behalf of president Tsai Yi-wen, renders blessing to the entire crew of servicemen at Hsinchu base as he delivers speech, and wishes that all nationals can, as whole, "cheer of air-force, the army, and Tze-yu!"

Though it is raining at Hsinchu area, the passion of nationals who come to cheer for army servicemen remain very high. Then, the three major mode of fighting jets, IDF, F-16, and mirage-2000 have, aside from flown through in mixed formations, also executed dynamic operation in the air. When they rush through the air in whistling engines as pilots and jets planes have mingled in oneness, they have surprised the mass with great surprises, who return to such formation with enthusiastic applauses and cheering.

The air-force command has also arranged air-force ritual band, MP heavy-motorcycle company, and tri-force man-shape balloon-image, and other units to join the event for performance. In addition, ritual band of National Hsinchu Girls' Senior High School is, as well, invited to join for performing, which have surprised all the viewing audience. Most of all, when the ground servicemen works out potential hanging and tactical dive landing of C-130 viewers at the site glut their eyes.

C-130 transportation jet of air-force at Hsinchu air-force based is opened to nationals
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