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 Brief of Fighting Monthly

Online review of the contents of this issue

Date of foundation January 1954

Purposes of publishing

The purposes of publishing include the inspiration of correct concept and solid faith, the encouragement of loyalty and integrity, and the enhancement of invisible combat capability.


Objectives of publishing

The objectives of publishing were the military officers and soldiers after the foundation of the publication. After having combined with The Revolutionist Monthly in July 1988, in addition to military officers and soldiers, the publication expanded its objectives to students and employees. 

History of the publication

The main contents of the early stage of the publication were government decrees.  In July 1985, after having combined The Soldiers Bimonthly which was published by Military History and Translation Office of the Ministry of National Defense, the publication was added four more pages, and expanded the range of materials which were mainly academic articles of military enhancement.  Later the publisher renovated the layout of contents and added pictures and illustrations which increased reader interest.  After having combined with The Revolutionist Monthly in July 1988, the publication became a monthly with 32-mo, 56 pages and various contents, and was used as an assistant teaching material of anti-communist and patriotism for military officers and soldiers.  In January 2001, the publication was expanded to a 24-mo with large typefaces and wide typing intervals, and became more popular among soldiers.   


The chosen articles

In order to avoid the impacts on political education due to the late delivery of Fighting Monthly to remote areas or basic military units, from Issue 570 (April) on, the chosen articles of the current issue will be posted on the official website.  Please download, announce and apply the articles for implementation of the political education. 



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