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I love my home

I love my home

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Brief of I Love My Home

Date of foundation :1st January 1979

Purposes of publishing

Promote cultures, translate ethic, propagate decrees and communicate new knowledge.

Objectives of publishing

The dependants of military officers and soldiers, and the public.

History of the publication

The I Love My Home (Monthly) was published in 1979 combining Welfare Monthly with Military Dependant Report.  The publication with 32-mo  and 60 pages was published 30,000 copies every month, and was revised to 76 pages in 1981.  The issue of August 1984 was revised to 116 pages from 76 pages, and was changed to perfect binding from saddle-stitched binding.  In July 1986, the extra version for public servant and teacher was published, and was combined with The Army and the People are one Family Monthly to be the extra version for dependants.   The number of copies of the publication had significantly increased from 30,000, 300,000, 700,000 to 100,000, and up to 1,600,000 copies once.  The version for public servant and teacher was stopped publishing in January 1990.  The number of copies of version for dependants still remains over 300,000 every month.  The publication was expanded to 24-mo January 2001 with various contents including literature, art, knowledge, political comment, medicine, new technology information, children and juvenile education, family and woman, and living knowledge.  In January 2007, due to the reduction of cultural advocating budget, the publishing cycle of the publication was adjusted to quarterly from monthly, which was published in January, April, July and October.  The revised I Love My Home consists 52 colorful pages and 48 two-color printing pages including the cover page, which is able to increase reader interest and to refine the quality of article.    


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