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Military Dependents Service


Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/07/03



The work of the Military Dependents Service started in 1944 A.D. 

At that time, our country was at war with Japan, so in order for the army to focus on the war, our government ordered the Rear Service Department to take over the responsibility of supplying food to dependents.




In 1949, the Rear Service Department was renamed the Military Dependents Management Division by the leading officers in the southeastern area.


When our government moved to Taiwan, the Military Dependents Management Division was under the management of the United Service Ministry.



The Early Military Villages had poor environments and were narrow, small, and dirty.



In 1964, work of the Military Dependents Service was processed by the Fifth Division of General Political and Warfare Bureau, and there were Military Dependents Service divisions in every headquarter of each troop. They were responsible for the allocation for houses owned by these dependents.

As for the building and repairing of the military dependents’ houses, medical treatment of military dependents and the environment health of military dependents’ houses, these tasks were managed by the Office of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff for Logistics. 

Otherwise, the maintenance of the rights of military dependents and decisions on endowment standards fell under the supervision of the Department of Human Resources.



Under Reconstruction: Professional reconstruction team and technical S.R.C. structure


In February 1970, the Ministry of National Defense had founded the Division of Military Dependents Affair Management which belonged to the General Political and Warfare Department.

Practices regarding military dependents, including rebuilding and management of the military dependents village, military dependents service, announcement and education, and consolation and support, were originally dealt with by each of the United Staff Offices units transferred to Military Dependents Service Division.


The Division of Military Dependents Affair Management was renamed as the Military Service Division on July 1st, 1995. Under the Division there were the General Administration Group, the Construction Engineering Management Group, the Property Group, the Supervising Group, and the Accounting Group, designed for the organization to improve the life of military dependents, to motivate, to consolidate unison, and to strengthen morale.


After the Second Version Regulation of National Defense went into effect on March 1st, 2002, the General Political and Warfare Department was renamed as the General Political and Warfare Ministry, and the groups under the Military Dependents Service Division became the General Administration Section, the Construction Management and Planning Section (including the Contracting Room), the Real Estate and Management Section, the Ethics Section and the Accounting Section.










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