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Military Dependents Service


Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/07/03




According to the rules of “Details for Processing Affairs of General Political and Warfare Bureau of Ministry of Military Defense”, Chapter Two, Article 8, the Military Dependents Service Division is responsible for the following items:


Affairs of the Military Dependents Village Service,  planning for rebuilding policies and supervising.


Rebuilding, planning and supervising affairs concerning repairing policies for the military dependents villages in old system.


Coordination and Supervising affairs about the practices of military dependents house-sharing cooperative association.


Law amendment, general administration , construction management, project planning, property management, supervising, planning and supervising affairs for accounting.


Planning, supervising and executing affairs concerning the loan fund for army personnel to purchase houses for military dependents.


Supervising affairs about the management of military dependents houses.


Planning, supervising and executing affairs about the military dependents service, announcement and education, consolation and support, typical election and praise, forums.


Other affairs of the military dependents service.

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