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Office of Military Spokesperson


Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01



  • Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Policy.
  • Stipulation and Amendment to the Military News Related Acts.
  • Establishment, Supervision and Execution of All Levels of Spokesperson for Armed Forces.
  • Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Education Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Releases (handling) .
  • Promotion of Public Relations with the Press.
  • Contact and Coordination of Relating News from Other  Departments or Divisions.
  • Coordination, Planning and Execution of Interviews from Domestic and Foreign News Agency (Journalists) .
  • Planning, Supervision and Execution of Routine and Temporary News Conferences.
  • Collection, Analysis and Employment of National, International Major Military News.
  • Coordination and Release mechanism of Military News and the Invitation and Reception of the Press during War Time.
  • The Establishment of Military Mews Center and the Planning and Installment of Broadcasting Equipment during War Time.
  • Supervision to the Operation of Military News Agency of the MND.
  • Other Tasks Concerning Military News Matter.

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