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Office of Military Spokesperson

News Tasks and Services

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/07/03

News Tasks and Services


MND’S News Tasks and Services

  • Releasing the military news: Considering “the people’s right to know” and “defense security”, the Office will actively deliver explanations about the government’s major defense policies and the people’s concerned military activities or the PLA’s movements so as to fulfill the “transparentization principles of defense policies”, and achieve the goals to concentrate the consensus on the “all-out defense policy” and to reassure the morale of the public.
  • Inviting media reporters to visit the ROC Armed Forces: The Office is responsible for accepting the visiting applications from the media or actively coordinating and arranging the domestic and foreign reporters on the regular or irregular basics to interview the senior officers of the ROC Armed Forces and visit the military units. Through the tours and broadcasts on the efficiency of combat skills training by news media, it is believed that the public will develop the correct conception of national defense and therefore concentrate the defense consensus.
  • Delivering actively explanations about the military news: Regarding the major military news concerned by the social, the movement of the PLA and the untruth reports which will influence the morale of the public, the Office will coordinate the involved units to provide the correct information and give clarifications and explanations actively.
  • Convening regular press conference: The regular press conference is held by the Office at 10 o’clock on every Tuesday morning to deliver explanations about the implementation status of the current major defense policies, the new weapons research and development, the major exercises of the ROC Armed Forces, the major efficiency of the combat readiness or the movement of the PLA which will impact on the social morale. Relevant personnel will be also invited to attend the conference, clarifying the policies and responding to inquiries from the media on the premise of doing no harm to the defense secrets so as to foster the correct conception on the defense combat readiness for the social public.
  • Holding the background briefings of the military news: the Office will deliver timely the background explanations on the implementation status of the defense policies to continuously dedicate to the transparentization of defense affairs and win the people’s support for the national defense.
  • Providing the website of the MND to inquire the military news and information: All of the explanatory material of the news briefings and the news reports released by MND are available on the MND’s website.
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