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Duty Activities

General Administration Division

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General Administration Division



  1. Research, revise, summarize and execute and supervise the strategies of political warfare.
  2. Edit and comment on the Code of Political Warfare for Armed Forces and the operation manual of the Bureau, jurisdictions, and job assignment.
  3. Research, examination and legal affairs of the Bureau.
  4. The stipulation and guidance for political warfare plans and the mobilization plans of political warfare troops during war time.
  5. The planning of political warfare training, supervisory tasks and the intelligence control of political warfare.
  6. Planning tasks of political warfare operation during peace and war time.
  7. Planning and organizing of political warfare exchange between Taiwan and the U.S.
  8. Stipulation and guidance for political warfare theory research and political warfare intelligence.
  9. Planning and reviewing of the investment of political warfare projects of armed forces.
  10. General affairs of computer simulation system for political warfare for armed forces.
  11. Policies for basic political warfare practices and the planning of the simplification of political warfare business.
  12. Planning and reviewing of the investment of political warfare equipment distribution of armed forces.
  13. Planning and supervision of further learning and course policies for armed forces political warfare cadres. Supervision and examination for each class of the Political Warfare Education and Training Center.
  14. Supervision, execution and suggestions of the election, training, recall, award and punishment and examination tasks.
  15. The execution and suggestions on the recall and examination of hired employees of the Bureau and its subsidiary organization and troops.
  16. The execution of soldier registration management and personnel tasks of the Bureau and its subsidiary organization and troops.
  17. Summarization and execution and suggestions on the equipment distribution of the Bureau and its subsidiary organization and troops.
  18. Policy enactment of armed forces psychological health (counseling), task supervision, editing of psychological advisory principles, editing of the contents of various guidance (principles) for psychological counseling.
  19. Handling, reviewing of cases that involve the rights of officers and soldiers of units, organizations (institutes) and service troops subordinate to MND.
  20. Execution of text-file handling and project folder management of the Bureau.
  21. Planning, supervision and coordination of armed forces civilian tasks, public relations, services for military person and welfare policies.
  22. Research and planning of warfare strategies against antagonistic crowds.
  23. Planning and supervision of services to the family of professional soldiers.
  24. Planning and supervision for the condolence during combat and exercise missions.
  25. Planning, supervision and execution for the condolences for deceased or wounded officers and soldiers (their left dependants, families and helpless families).
  26. Execution of rescue, service, and rights protection for reserved (retired officers) military personal.
  27. Coordination of Military Friend's Club and the stipulation and comment execution of policies for favorable military person tasks.
  28. Installment of single retired person, execution of condolence service and dormitory withdrawal management.
  29. Planning and supervision of supply of armed forces groceries.
  30. Planning and coordination and communication of armed forces consumer protection tasks.
  31. Policy planning of children care facilities and projects for armed forces.
  32. Supervision of tasks of General Welfare Service Ministry.
  33. Supervision of MND's National Development Class for Foreign Friends.
  34. Other general affairs and civilian service items concerning political warfare.


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