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Duty Activities

Office of Military Spokesperson

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  1. Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Policy.
  2. Stipulation and Amendment to the Military News Related Acts.

  3. Establishment, Supervision and Execution of All Levels of Spokesperson for Armed Forces.
  4. Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Education.

  5. Planning, Supervision and Execution of Military News Releases (handling) .

  6. Promotion of Public Relations with the Press.

  7. Contact and Coordination of Relating News from Other Departments or Divisions.

  8. Coordination, Planning and Execution of Interviews from Domestic and Foreign News Agency (Journalists).

  9. Planning, Supervision and Execution of Routine and Temporary News Conferences.

  10. Collection, Analysis and Employment of National, International Major Military News.

  11. Coordination and Release mechanism of Military News and the Invitation and Reception of the Press during War Time.

  12. The Establishment of Military Mews Center and the Planning and Installment of Broadcasting Equipment during War Time.

  13. Supervision to the Operation of Military News Agency of the MND.

  14. Other Tasks Concerning Military News Matters. 


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