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Army Command issues a press release explaining the viewpoints of some scholars published by the media as "an unforeseen event has occurred to the purchase of the M109A6 self-propelled howitzer, and it will disrupt artillery modernization of the Armed

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.DPostDate: 2022/05/18

Press release of Army Command
19:20, May 18, 2022 
With regards to the viewpoints by certain scholars released in the media as they elaborated that "an unforeseen event has occurred to the purchase of M109A6 self-propelled howitzer, it will disrupt artillery modernization of the Armed Forces", Army Command has offered an explanation today (18th) as follows:
1. Various weapons and equipment are procured by the Army with the view of being required in warfare should an enemy or threat approach, and also based on the guidance of arms build-up for asymmetric operations in consideration of overall national defense resources. As such, Command should cautiously plan for the preparation and acquisition of various weapons and equipment.
2. All new weapons and equipment that can quickly improve ground defense capabilities are options for arms build-up, while rolling corrections are made with reference to the enemy situation to maximize the effectiveness of the limited resources.
3. In fact, the overall defense operation plan is currently being conducted based on the present threat of the enemy, and Command is utilizing the existing firepower from the three armed forces to furnish relevant operation deployment. This is how we can effectively prevent an enemy attack and safeguard the security of our homeland.
Spokesperson of Army Command
Lieutenant General Yang An 0965-295908
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