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The Ministry of National Defense issues a press release stating that "the US-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the State Department indicating its concerns over arms sales policy"

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.DPostDate: 2022/05/18

Press release of the Ministry of National Defense (MND)
06:00, May 18, 2022    
In response to media reports that "the US-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the State Department indicating its concerns over arms sales policy", the MND pointed out today (18th) that US-Taiwan arms sales are conducted based on the Taiwan Relations Act and "six guarantees". As such, the United States will continue to sell arms as needed. Also indicated is that the United States attaches great importance and commitment to our national defense and security, which is important for sustainability and stability of the Indo-Pacific region.
In 2021, Taiwan and the United States will jointly furnish the definition of the principle of "asymmetric warfare" in view of defense operational needs, and include it in the "Military Strategy" and "Army Build-up Planning" chapters of the national defense report of the year. As reaffirmed in the chapter, "asymmetric combat refers to a type and method of warfare that disrupts the combat tempo of the enemy and their attempts to make a battle quick and force quick decisions rather than focusing on any choice of individual weapon and equipment."
The preparation and acquisition of various weapons and equipment for the Armed Forces is based on the threat of the enemy and guidance of joint combat power planning, which has been incorporated into the implementation plan. Priority is given to indigenous national defense. Any items that cannot be made locally or are needed to rapidly increase combat power will be procured externally. As viewed, our arms acquisition will not be affected by any individual arms dealers.
The development of national defense capabilities is closely related to the stability of the Taiwan Strait as well as regional security. Arms purchases under evaluation or talks are conducted based on the US arms sales operation regulations and the principle of low-key confidentiality. Nonetheless, the Armed Forces will absolutely strive to maximize the effectiveness of national defense resources, and continue to negotiate with the United States to procure the most suitable weapons and equipment to meet our current and future needs. Furthermore, the Armed Forces will request that arms be delivered in accordance with contracts or even ahead of schedule to improve the military interoperability between Taiwan and the United States, thus ensuring national security.
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