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Press release in response to media reports that "the Air Force inquired whether the US should sell us advanced fighter jets"

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.DPostDate: 2022/05/16


Press Release of the Air Force, Ministry of National Defense (MND)
19:40, May 16, 2022
In response to media reports that "the Air Force is exploring the possibility from the US as to whether it can sell us advanced fighter jets," Air Force Command clarified today (16th) that the planning and development schedule mentioned in the report are mere speculation. All weapons acquired and obtained by the Air Force are carefully evaluated according to operational needs and the policy guidance of the MND so the nation maintains combat power.
Air Force Command further explained that the Air Force will continue to evaluate and collect information via a range of channels following previous resolution by Legislative Yuan as it submits a written report on the preparation of fighter aircraft. This resolution has not been deliberated in regard to any individual system, budget, or schedule; as such, Command urges the media not to mis-quote or mislead with its reporting.
Air Force Command stresses that the Air Force will continue to conduct an overall assessment based on operational needs to safeguard national security as it builds up reliable combat capabilities and protects our air defense security.
Lieutenant General Chan Guo-hwa, spokesperson of the Air Force, Director of Political Warfare
Tel: 0965-295830
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