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News reference materials for the 2nd week of November 2021, Ministry of National Defense (MDN)

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2021/11/09

I. Topic of the press conference: "National Defense Report" of the Republic of China for the year 2021.

II. Host: Major General Shi Shun-wen, military spokesperson of the Ministry of National Defense.

III. Participants and attendees:

1. Major General Chen Huang-rong, Deputy Director of Strategic Planning Department, Ministry of National Defense.

2. Mr. Deng Ke-hsiung, Director of National Defense Policy Division, Strategic Planning Department.

3. Su Zi-yun, Director of National Defense Resources and Industry Research, Institute for National Defense and Security Research.

4. Miss. Chang Wei-lun, graphic designer.


IV. Press conference and news reference materials for the press conference:

1. The MND released the National Defense Report of the Republic of China for the year 2021 today (9th). Since 1992, the MND has regularly published the National Defense Report so this edition marks the 16th publication.

2. This compilation has focused on "Building a Resilient and Novel Armed Forces", highlighting in context coping with current strategic circumstances as well as the ever-increasing military threats to Taiwan by the CCP (Communist Party of China). The Armed Forces has strived actively to strengthen the development of asymmetric defense operations in the past two years, worked hard to prepare and implement combat training, has implement national defense mechanisms, and facilitated reforms of reserve mobilization. All of these efforts are made in order to build up a tough and resilient force to ensure our national security.

3. The report is divided into five sections and 10 chapters, in which the five major areas of "the regional situation", "capability of national defense", "local national defense” , "governance of national defense" , and "glory of the Armed Forces" are expanded upon. The content covers an analysis of the CCP’s threat to Taiwan, highlights the resilient characteristics and combat power of the Armed Forces, and demonstrates national defense administration, which will promote national defense and accumulate our overall combat power while reflecting the transparency of national military affairs.

4. To expand on the effectiveness of international strategic communication and respond to the implementation of the government's bilingual policy, the report is published in Chinese and English. Meanwhile, a set of "knowledge picture-cards" and a guidebook (dummy guide) have been composed so more complex content is arranged accordingly. The report also uses concise diagrams and text to explain the structure and summarize content to convey the message effectively. It is also being released as an e-book for readers' convenience.

5. Finally, the MND has published a cartoon version to encourage reading among a young audience. With the theme if "36 Hours Safeguarding Happiness", the publication is composed in as a story-like narrative to attract young readers. It describes daily duties as well as rotations in war situations by military servicemen over a 36-hour period. The servicemen display their perseverance and flexibility as they care for both work and family so younger readers can appreciate the dedication and contribution by the Armed Forces to the defense of our country and people. It is hoped that this lively and easy-to-understand cartoon form of the narrative highlights important national defense policies for younger readers and allow the report to have more of an impact on all lives and educate the general public.

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