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Army Command issues a press release explaining the "the missile launcher of a AH-64E helicopter erroneously being impacted"

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2021/11/03

Press release by Army Aviation and Special Forces Command

15:05, November 3, 2021

Army Aviation and Special Forces Command stated that when an AH-64E helicopter of the aviation 601th brigade was carrying out a live ammunition test and throwing hot flame bombs this morning (3rd) its crew was suspected to have accidentally impacted a Hellfire missile launcher (live ammunition was not installed), which caused the launcher to fall off at the training ground. The launcher was found in the training field and inspected by professionals. The aircraft had returned to the field to land; both man and helicopter unscathed.

Army Aviation and Special Forces Command pointed out that testing is an important measure to strengthen personnel training and enhance combat effectiveness so problems can be resolved. In response to this situation, Command will, aside from dispatching an inspection team to clarify the cause, continue to strengthen standard operating procedures before, during, and after live ammunition training, and simulate the approach and bearing of actual combat to implement educational training and ensure the safety of flight training.

Spokesperson for Army Aviation and Special Forces Command

Major General Wang Jun-jie 0965295330

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