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The 2019 Republic of China “National Defense Report”

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/09/11

Ministry of National Defense announced the 2019 Republic of China “National Defense Report” today (11th). Since 1992, Ministry of National Defense has been publishing the “National Defense Report”, and the 2019 version is the 15th report, which is the second National Defense Report since President Tsai took office.

The compilation this time focuses on “Peace Defenders”, where the entire book is divided into 5 passages and 10 chapters, and penetrates through aspects of “Safe Environment”, “National Defense Combat Capability”, “Autonomous National Defense”, “National Defense Governance”, and “Honor Inheritance”. The report discusses the current safe environment in Indo-Pacific, military threats faced by our country, as well as the Armed Forces’ governance effectiveness for the past 2 years on reinforcing national defensive combat capability, revitalizing the national defense industry, promoting national defence governance, and implementing all-out national defense, which manifests Armed Forces’ solid contribution in protecting the people and their homes.

This report applies a large number of “infographics”, which include the summary of the security situation in Indo-Pacific, national defense policy of various countries, “military development” of the People’s Republic of China, and important national defense governance of the Republic of China, in order to allow the citizens to understand the surrounding situation of the Taiwan Strait and the military threats from the People’s Republic of China, as well as the Armed Forces’ actions and effectiveness in the dedicated combat readiness and preparedness toward these security challenges. The report also probes in through the angle of geopolitics, and presents our country’s important strategic locations and regional security links, while also incorporates the process and achievement of “IDF” and “IDS”, which demonstrates the determination in implementing “autonomous national defense”, and deepens national defense industry.

Another feature for this version of the report is the addition of the “Voices of Officers and Soldiers” column, which elevates the outstanding image of the Armed Forces, and attracts excellent talents to join the Armed Forces, through interviews with grassroots officers and soldiers, and composing of Armed Forces officers and soldiers’ moods, thoughts, and self-expectation when they dedicate themselves to the military, in a column approach.

In addition, this version of the report is attached with a QR Code, where one can use a mobile device to scan on it to connect to the website of the Ministry of National Defense and browse on relevant information and videos. Furthermore, in order to expand the number of readers, a comic based on the character of “Cute Furball” that is loved by teenagers was also released alongside the report, which uses a vivid and clear comic approach to present important national defense governance, narrow the distance with young readers, deepen the impact level of the report, and expand the educational effectiveness of all-out national defense.

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