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Army cadres who have completed training will serve as the Navy and Air Force liaison officers for the joint service camp.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/09/06

Regarding the media coverage of “First Battalion of Joint Service Established, Former Navy General Pointed Out Worrying Points”, the Army Command Headquarters has expressed today (6th) that the covered content is a false interpretation derived from a lack of understanding toward the marshalling, which has deviated from the truth. The “Joint Service Camp” is marshalled and planned to respond to the forms of future ground defensive combat, and is being developed toward the direction of “exerting synergy of the joint service” and “elevating independent combat capability”, while also possesses “Consistent Functions of Peacekeeping and Combat”, as well as the reliable combat capability to implement responses, changes, and comprehensive striking missions.

The Army Command Headquarters pointed out that in order to effectively elevate command management and control, target acquisition, and the overall combat capability on the ground and in the air, the personnel of Joint Service Camp is added with Navy, Air Force, and Army liaison officers, which are served by Army cadres who are equipped with synergistic military training experience, as well as expertise in requesting Naval and Air Force support, and firepower support, and are not transferred Naval and Air Force staffs. The headquarters hereby clarifies and explains on that matter, and requests the support and encouragement from all citizens.

Army Spokesperson - Lieutenant General Chien, Shih-Wei (0965295880)

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