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Press conference for the “Poster Selection Award” of the 2019 All-out National Defense Education, “Online Quiz Raffle”, and “2020 Winter Combat Camp”.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/11/12

Ministry of National Defense Media Reference Materials

Time: November 12th, 2019 at 10:00 a.m.

1. Press Conference Topic:

Press conference for the “Poster Selection Award” of the 2019 All-out National Defense Education, “Online Quiz Raffle”, and “2020 Winter Combat Camp”.

2. Press Conference Attendees:

1. Director of the Political Warfare Bureau – Lieutenant General Chien, Shih-Wei

2. Chief of the Cultural & Political Division, Political Warfare Bureau – Major General Lou, Wei-Chieh

3. Press Conference Media Reference Materials:

Ministry of National Defense hosted the press conference in the morning on the 12th for activities of “Poster Selection Award” of the 2019 All-out National Defense Education, “Online Quiz Raffle”, and 2019 “Winter Combat Camp”. Lieutenant General Chien, Shih-Wei, director of the Political Warfare Bureau, expressed that the poster selection activity between 1st July and 20th September (deadline) this year (2019) had collected more than 1,000 entries for the first time, and the entries for the two categories of “Junior High School (Elementary School) Group” and “Senior High School (Vocational) and University Group” had received a whopping 751 entries, which indicate young students’ enthusiasm toward all-out national poster selection activities.

Among the numerous participants is Fang Yu-cheng, a 2nd grader, who received 3rd place from the Junior High School (Elementary School) Group by his innocent portrayal of the Armed Forces. Fang Yu-cheng expressed that “we are able to live blissfully and safely because of the protection from the Armed Forces brothers”, and Chen Zhu-xuan, 1st place from the Senior High School (Vocational) and University Group, expressed that “the integration of fingerprints and camouflage patterns symbolizes Armed Forces’ persistence and determination in protecting the country”, whereas teacher Li Xiao-yuan, 3rd place from the Social Group, explained that “depicting the image of soldiers through small figures and various models is able to demonstrate Armed Forces’ affinity of standing alongside the people in a more powerful fashion.

In addition, the online quiz raffle activity this year specially combined young students’ habit of watching short clips, and an Armed Forces image video was edited, where the mere word answering method from the past had been adjusted to “answering questions after watching the video”, which allows citizens to understand recent important national defense governance, witness the true scenes of Armed Forces’ diligence in fulfilling their responsibilities, and become more familiar with all-out national defense. The activity was held between 1st to 31st October, with 46,721 participants, and a completion of 277,019 questions. Furthermore, the activity specially invited the award winners from the all-out national defense poster selection and media correspondents as the raffle drawers, where awards including “iPhone” were drawn, and a total of 855 lucky winners were tallied at the end.

At the end, the press conference provided specific explanations on the implementation of the winter combat camp that will be held between 20th to 21st January next year (2020), which will consist of 7 camps including the Army’s “Anti-pressure Experience Camp of the Northern and Southern Battlefields”, Navy’s “Warship Navigation Experience Camp”, Air Force’s “Songshan, Chiayi, Hualien Combat Camps”, and Military Police’s “Iron Guard Challenge Camp”, with 7 sessions, and a quota of 620 participants. The online sign up will begin at 08:00 of 18th November and end at 17:00 of 2nd December 2019 at the sign up website (https://camp.gpwb.gov.tw) of the “All-out National Defense Education Winter Combat Camp”, where the public draw will be held on 10th December, and the admitted personnel list will be announced on 11st December. In addition, to implement the government’s policy in showing concern toward vulnerable families, each camp will invite students from low and middle-income households to participate without charge, and be adjusted to 5% as the lower limit, hoping that all young students have the opportunity to experience winter combat camps.

Director Chien expressed that all-out national defense education requires the support and participation of all citizens. Ministry of National Defense will continue to utilize innovative and lively methods to expand all-out national defense education and implement the belief of “National Security is Everyone’s Responsibility”, while also continue to coordinate and collaborate with various ministries and county (city) governments for all citizens to support national defense and love the Armed Forces, as well as hope for young people to actively join the big family of the Armed Forces.

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