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History of the Mental Health Center

Mental Health Center:

Political Warfare BureauPostDate: 2015/04/07

In consideration of societal changes and the practical needs of the armed forces, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) introduced a mental health (counseling) program with planning beginning in 1989 and establishing the Mental Health Center in four stages over two years beginning in 1991.

The Armed Forces Mental Health Organization Project, completed in July 1, 1999, gradually developed a three-tier preventive response system and regional counseling network that incorporates the already existing Mental Health Center and additional seven Regional Mental Health Centers in the north, central, south, east, Kinmen, Matzu, and Penghu, bringing into being a comprehensive mental health (counseling) system for the armed forces.

The focus of Armed Forces Mental Health (Counseling) is on the long-term and comprehensive task of assisting officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers to adapt to life in the armed forces, preventing self-administered injury and facilitating physical and mental health development. The MND shall continue its efforts in promoting its mental health (counseling) function with counseling and referral counseling through the existing three-tier preventive response system and regional counseling network.



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