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The MHC Resources

The MHC Resources

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Mental Health Counseling Resources

From the Editor:

To fit in with the change of the social environment and the troops actual needs, the Ministry of National Defense has set to plan the mental health (counseling) since 1989. From 1991, we established mental health centers in four stages in two years and arranged the mental counseling officials. During this period, in all the officials support and guidance, mental counseling coworkers worked hard to promote their jobs in spite of their limited personnel. Their efforts were widely identified with by the officials and arms.

In recent years, the social life has been increasingly stabilized and prospered day after day. The national armed forces have also improved themselves and kept bettering all systems and management measures to make them still able to correspond to the change and demands after experiencing centuries changes. However, unavoidably, all kinds of individuals and social problems, such as self-harm and insufficient compressive resistance, violence, drugs, spiritual diseases, and so on, with the army environment with the channel of the army members, have made the discipline and counseling faced with new tests and challenges repeatedly.

Accumulating the past experiences, we found that the case managing counseling could be applied to the practical work. No matter people who were high-pressure groups in the troops, poor at controlling their emotions, disobeyed the law and had deviated behavior, or even new members within three months as enlisted men, they all could use the case management models to help the individuals connect and interact with the supportive resources in the environment to improve the social function. Such supportive resources included the related departments and related social organizations and our mental counselors and the base-level cadres were responsible for negotiating in-between and integrating the cases assistance and forming the network for problem solutions.

At present, the arms have constructed the Three Phase Prevention System and the Regional Assistance Network. And the Regional Assistance Network really means not only in the inter-support between the neighboring arms and units but in making good use of the complete social service resource to maintain the physical and mental health of the officials and soldiers together. Based on all social organizations of the regional mental health centers, this manual collects all information, including medicine, educational resources, mental counseling, social welfare, employment services, law inquiry, and directories of the experts and the scholars. We expect all the units to take good advantage of the information in this manual to make the national armed forces counseling to exert well. Of course, everyone is welcome to offer new information to let our information become more abundant, our materials keep new forever, and our service going on forever.

Social Resource Network Sketch

National Armed Forces Mental Healths (Counseling) Related Social Resource Network Sketch

Medical Resource:

General medication; Spiritual medication; Special medication inquiry

Social Welfare: social welfare; social welfare group; religious group

Employment Services: vocational training agency; employment service center; employment counseling agency

National Armed Forces Mental Health Centers:

Northern  Mental Health Centers; Central Mental Health Centers; Southern Mental Health Centers; Eastern Mental Health Centers; Kinmens Mental Health Centers; Matsus Mental Health Centers; Penghus Mental Health Centers

Law Consultation: Service line; Military court; Local court

Mental Counseling: Teacher Chang Foundation; Lifeline; Kuanyin Counseling Hot Line Association; Family Education Service Center; Consultation and Counseling Centers

Educational Resources: all the universities counseling departments and graduate schools; all the universities psychological departments and graduate schools; all the universities social work departments and graduate schools; all the universities counseling centers

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