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Development History

Development History

PostDate: 2012/05/03


 The Development History of the Mental Health Center

The Development Process:


The work of the National Armed Forces' mental health (counseling) originated from Ministry of National Defense, R.O.C.'s considerations of the change of the social environment and from the military forces' actual demands. Since 1989, Ministry of National Defense set to do a research and to plan immediately. From 1991, we established Mental Health Centers in four stages in two years, and on July first, 1999, we matched military forces to adjust their organization structures and finished the plan cases of the National Armed Forces' counseling orientation and group. Besides the original mental health centers, we established seven area mental health centers in north Taiwan, central Taiwan, southern Taiwan, Hualien-Taitung, Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu and actively constructed the Three Phase Prevention System and the Regional Assistance Network of the mental health counseling to make national armed forces' mental health (counseling) system to become complete. The work focuses were on assisting the officials, the petty officers, and arms to get used to the military forces' lives, preventing them from harming themselves, and promoting their physical and mental health developments. This was in fact long-term and overall work. In the future, we will continue to work hard and exert the mental health (counseling and referral) function of the Three Phase Prevention System and the Regional Assistance Network.

How the National Armed Forces

Treat three phase prevention at Present:

First, the First Phase Prevention:

The company chief counselors and battalion chief counselors are responsible for actively controlling the sentimental officials and arms and helping them release their mental problems. And the commanding officials are also equipped with the abilities of guiding the command's mental counseling to make the basic command be able to exert the first phase prevention function of the early finding and the immediate advice.

Third: the third phase medication handling:


According to the units' procedures, the cases without any obvious improvement after the company cadre members and the unit's mental health center's counsel, are referred to the regional mental health centers in northern Taiwan, central Taiwan, southern Taiwan, eastern Taiwan, Kinmen, Matsu, and Penghu, which combine the hospital medication resources and social support networks to go on with the intensive counseling and to exert the functions of correction and cure, the medication, and the mental reconstructions.


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