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A Grateful Mind Leads to a Better Life

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


A Grateful Mind Leads to a Better Life

By Ye Liu Zengshu, South Region Mental Health Center, of Ministry of National Defense



I remember a writer who mentions in an article being edged out of a great chance for a great job but he does not pity himself. Instead he tries hard to improve himself. In the end he is recognized for his talent and hired for an even better job with higher achievements and status. At the end of the article he admits that had he not been edged out in the first place, he would not be so successful now and he is thankful for that.

I was honored to participate in the 2006 Appreciation Life for myjob. I was so inspired by the event. I first thought it would be a routine seminar, but this event gave me much satisfaction and reminded me to appreciate and be grateful for things around me at all times. I somehow had developed a self-pitying idea that had been preoccupying my mind at work and in my private life for more than ten years. Whenever I ran into failure or a setback, I would think that it would never have happened if something had not happened; I seldom thought positively to myself that it was a great chance for me to grow. Actually our course of life often puts before us a choice of three ways: be dispirited, remain unchanged, or make a change to rise. Obviously the last one is far better than the other two: embrace what life has cast onto you with appreciation.

Everyone has a grateful mind regardless of differences in race or religion; the only difference is what you choose. More often than not when we are down and weary we forget there is still a door not yet opened. That door is appreciation. By appreciating, we can enhance the kindness in our hearts. At the beginning of a day we appreciate the coming of a new day. When night pulls in we appreciate everything that has happened this day. Just embrace all people and matters of this day with an optimistic mind, and our life will be even more fruitful and brighter.





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