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Be Optimistic

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Be Optimistic and Positive and Youll Have a Bright Future

(Edited by the South Mental Health Center, Ministry of National Defense)



The Chinese say

This suggests humanistic philosophy already existed in China in ancient times. Every one has a significant importance that should not be discriminated against or made

Everyone has an importance significant enough to a country and a society. It is like a piece of a sophisticated machine that requires precision parts and nuts and bolts. We may be in the top elite or just ordinary people, but we must approve of ourselves, love ourselves, be optimistic and positive to bring our potential to the fullest and contribute our specialty.

Although we are born with unequal talents, we do have a chance for success. A gifted person may achieve nothing without the full commitment of their talent; a dull person can accomplish outstanding success with confidence and persistence.

Making good use of one

At the age of 15, Linda Stanford, a well-known American best-selling author, told her school class that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. The class laughed at her, including her English teacher, who said in a rather arrogant tone,


During her later school years her works were constantly published. She even became a famous figure at school. Years later, she became a well-known best-selling author enjoying world-wide publication.

Some asked how she achieved what she did with a high school diploma. She said


Life is like a road, and whether we take the straight or the winding one, we will eventually arrive at our goals. Never give up, believe in yourself and find the way that best suits you, and then you will make your own way to your success


Because I am optimistic and positive and I love myself.  I know I can make it! That is right. We should believe in our strength and find the goals that best fit us. Whatever job we do and whatever position we are in, we should believe that we are the best and fulfill our dreams.
Dont be silly. Only geniuses can be writers and your GPA this semester is D. The insult reduced her to tears right away. However, she didnt give up because of it. Instead, she believed firmly in her own talents and kept on submitting articles to publishers and in the end her works were highly recognized and valued by editors.
s own talent is very important, for everyone is born with a purpose. You cant be a champion in every game and you must find the one that best suits you and commit all of yourself to it, then you will be a true champion. Therefore, we must remind ourselves, I am the best! Be positive about yourself, and then you can take the lead.
different. Therefore, as long as you duly perform your duty, you will achieve something.
One days living needs one hundred craftsmen. The things that we need for an average day are made possible by people in all walks of life.


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