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Be Confident with Challenge

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01

Be Confident with Challenge

By Han Dian-ping, Counselor, Mental Health Center, Eastern Region, Ministry of National Defense



“How would you feel if you lost your sight because you were suddenly injured today? Imagine that you stumbled at noon, and groped your way in the dark.  Your work and your independence disappeared …… ” (Helen Keller at Lions Clubs International Annual Convention on June 30, 1925)


Helen Keller was a healthy baby at birth until at 19-months she contracted acute cerebral congestion, the fever of which resulted in loss of her sight and hearing.

Although Helen Keller’s life was changed dramatically, her parents and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, did not give up on her. On the contrary, they endeavored to teach and help Helen Keller. Due to their efforts, Helen changed her way of thinking, and began in her heart to care for the world. (Helen Keller, Wikipedia) 

We often take what we already have for granted and choose to give up rather than take on a difficulty. Yet there are still many brave people with a physical or mental disability in the world who live their lives with passion.

Helen Keller said “The shadow is behind us when we face the light.”

Try the following methods the next time you face a challenge. You will be impressed by the results.

Look at things from a different angle: Focus more on ways that may possibly resolve problems.

Experiences of success: Even a tiny change can create big changes through an accumulation of positive and successful experiences. (Chen Jing, Brief Solution Focused Brief Counseling

Ask yourself:  

1 In your memory, what is your best experience of being praised? What effect did it have on you? (Lin Qiu-fen, Counselor On-job Training Course of Mental Health Center of Eastern Region of Ministry of National Defense on 17 October 2006)

3What changes will you make in the matter now before you?

4What will you do to make a difference if things can be changed?

5What can you do right now to begin with?

Tell yourself that:

1You are the best!

2You are the expert who is able to resolve your own problems.

“Opportunity is just like a changeable woman who knocks at each door only once. She will ignore forever the door that does not open immediately as if it is the way it should be. A beautiful and desirable woman never waits, you should take action. (Helen Keller at Lions Clubs International Annual Convention on 30 June 1925)   



2Do you ever have similar experiences of success?  What did you do that brings you the feeling of being successful?
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