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Implement the 3A rules of health

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Implement the 3A rules of health: self-acceptance, other-acceptance, environment-acceptance, and keep away from vexation

By Ye Liu Zengshu, Major, Mental Health Center, South Region, Ministry of National Defense

In the twenty-first century, modern people get angry and anxious easily, and lose patience, or lose control emotionally.  Including you and me, we demand immediate satisfactions with everything, lose self-esteem in daily life, and avoid facing current problems which are beyond our ability to control.  Sometimes we do not know how to manage and resolve the problems, and become impatient and anxious, even become frustrated or depressive.  Usually we demand rapid response and resolution, and become angry if we are not satisfied.  Sometimes, we get confused and wonder what to do and how to do it, or the reasons for and objectives of actions.  Consequently we will feel lost and confused because we lose the perception of self-esteem, and turn against ourselves.

Therefore, we have to learn how to manage pressure, and enhance our skills in mutual communication in order to maintain our mental health and face a rapidly- developing society.  Living in a crowded city and surrounded by pressure, how can we happily live healthy lives?  How can we make wise choices in our lives?  Degenerating, maintaining the status quo, or upgrading?  Why don’t we choose to upgrade and open our hearts rather than giving up on ourselves?

Developed by mental health experts, the concept of 3A (self-acceptance, other-acceptance, environment-acceptance) is a rule of health which you can follow to maintain your mental health easily.  Every individual is unique.  Although most people are not among the elite or celebrities, they are provided with various obligations in the world.  People should help, respect, and care for each other.  Man is a social animal and knows how to adapt to the progress of evolution.  From primeval ages to modern times, humans have adapted themselves to changes in their environment, and have established rules and cultures for living in the world, and for

Although we undergo more pressure nowadays, we obtain more information and knowledge, and more easily.  Will this information be helpful to us for adaptating ourselves and taking on challenges?  We’d better learn the concept of 3A as aforesaid so that we can freely change and live our lives, keep away from vexation, and make our lives better.  

The article is extracted from Page 3 of Youth Daily News on 14 November 2006


overcoming difficulties.

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