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Be Grateful

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Always Be Grateful and Stay Happy Forever

 (Huang, Jun-Qiao, Service Support Battalion, Combined Logistics Command)

Rather than difference in looks, it is difference in people.  Rather than difference in people, it is difference in hearts.  The crucial point that separates us from each other is not our looks, or our bodies, but our hearts. Qin-Guan of the Song Dynasty, wrote in his southern poem “…….a waning crescent moon high in the sky, with three stars The last sentence, in addition to describing a sky view at night, is actually describing the word heart.

Taiwan is rainy and we are all used to it.  On the sunny days, if you look out a window, it is a bright and beautiful world out there; on the rainy days, all you can see is the reflection of yourself on the window.  Since our hearts decide how we react to things, then, are you seeing a happy face or a sad face on that window? On the rainy days, because the outside world becomes darker, there is no light coming into the house through the window, and yet the light going out through the window is not strong enough to light up the world outside, it is only natural that you see the reflection of yourself on the window.

Our lives are like rooms, too.  Light outside symbolizes the environment we are in, the light inside symbolizes our inner energies, and windows are the looks we use to communicate with the world.  When you are happy and grateful, you look happy.  Even in a dark world, the reflection on the window is still beautiful.  Either you look out from inside, or people look at it from outside, all we see is your happy face.

Throughout our lives, we will not always be in a beautiful and perfect situation.  There must be ups and downs.  Since we cannot control the outside world, we can at least be the master of our inner world.  If we can face the difficulties in life with a happy look and treat people and incidents we encounter with gratitude, we can embrace a beautiful life.

In terms of physics, no room in the world could provide enough light to light up the world outside; however, room of heart could.  If there is not enough light outside, you increase the light inside to light it up.  As long as your heart wants to do it, no situation is difficult enough to stop you from using a happy and grateful heart to face the world; furthermore, you could care for people you see and encounter and help them out.   There was one very popular pop song called Though I am ugly, I am gentle.  From its lyrics, you could easily find out the great creativity and possibility it implies.

The happiness of the world is not created for specific people, nor is it exclusive to certain people.  The pain of the world is not imposed only on certain people.  What kind of people could have happiness then?  Happiness is a kind of internal feeling, not a physical object or environment.  Those that can keep the feeling of happiness definitely care for others and must also have a caring and grateful heart while being able to break off from the restraints of physical objects and their environment so that they may ultimately attain happiness.

Only by believing in yourself, affirming yourself, keeping yourself happy and having a caring and grateful heart can you have a healthy and wonderful life.     



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