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Blue Mood

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Blue Mood and Depressive Disorder Worlds Apart

While the resolution for the former is to look on the bright side, the resolution for the latter is to seek help in time.


 (Major Li,Xiao-Sheng , psychological counselor, Central Mental Health Center, Ministry of National Defense.)

Because entertainer Ni, Min-Ran failed to walk out of his depression, he finally chose to end his suffering by committing suicide.  Look back on this incident: while newspaper, magazines and electronic media kept reporting Nis life and various bits of gossip about him, depressive disorder once again had caught the attention of the public.

Depressive Disorder may be considered a minor problem by many people. It is not a big deal, everything will be fine if we look on the bright side of things.  People with that idea in mind are usually those confusing blue mood with depressive disorder.  A blue mood could come upon most normal people and can be more easily forgotten and overcome.  However, symptoms of depressive disorder are lacking confidence, interest and pleasure in things one used to enjoy and having no energy to do anything.  People with depressive disorder usually blame themselves for everything and are full of guilt, even tending to commit suicide.  Thus, while we may wish away a blue mood, depressive disorder is not something that should be taken lightly.

Depressive disorder usually comes with obvious physical symptoms.  At the initial stage, patients could get depressed over frustrations encountered in their lives, then, he/ she starts to have insomnia, feel tense, have headaches, fatigue, difficulties in breathing and feeling compressed, poor concentration and loss of appetite; meanwhile, their daily routine also gets messed up and they start to feel physically ill.  These physical burdens will worsen depressed people


s symptoms of depressive disorder.  Finally, all kinds of pessimistic thoughts and fears fill their minds so that they believe themselves to be terrible, thus, living becomes torture to them; what is more terrible is they are very convinced that these symptoms will never go away.


Accidents happen! Stress and feelings of loss will inevitably happen to us.  How do we improve our immunity to fight off depression?  In addition to cultivating philosophical and open-minded characteristics as well as good management on mental and physical health, one also needs to get enough sleep, a balanced diet, proper exercise, recreational activities and paying attention to one

This article is extracted from the 3rd edition of the Youth daily, Nov.-28-2006.

s own mood.  If we sense ourselves being invaded by depression, we should seek assistance from our families and friends immediately.  If we can learn to relax and relieve our stress, we are sure to be free from depression and lead a happy life.





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