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Angel’s Share

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Angel’s Share

By You Zhongyi, Lieutenant, Chief Counselor, Naval Beach Group, Marine Corps


Recently I read an interesting article in a newspaper supplement which I like to share with comrades in the military.  I named this story “Angel’s Share.”


The history of winemaking in Europe is very long.  When you travel in Europe, you are impressed by the beautiful churches, natural scenery, numerous vineyards and wineries.  During the process of winemaking, no matter how full the barrel was at the beginning, when the wine is finished the quantity of wine in the barrel will be less.  The quantity of wine which is lost is called by the wineries “Angel’s Share.”

The wineries think that the angel will help by gradually transforming the grape juice into wine during the process of winemaking.  The angel will take some wine as a reward when the wine is finished, and they will fill the barrel with air to replace the part they take away.  Thus if people hear a flopping sound when they open the barrel, they know that the wine is successfully finished.  In contrast, if it is not shared with the angel, the grape juice will become imputable , sour vinegar.



Military life is disciplined, and is regarded as a kind of group life.  Because some comrades have never left their homes before, or are not good at getting along with other people, it is difficult for them to adapt themselves to a demanding new environment under strict discipline and they can make a lot of trouble for themselves and the military.  Due to different upbringings and environments, it is hard to request all new military personnel to understand and get used to the environment in a short time.  Using the same patience and care used in winemaking, cadre members can carry out their obligation to gradually cultivate independent marines. 

The article is extracted from Page 3 of Youth Daily News on 30 November 2006. 





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