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Legitimate leisure activities are helpful for physical & mental health.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Duly relieve your pressure, and mentally grasp your healthy life

Legitimate leisure activities are helpful for physical & mental health.  Taking challenges and breaking through difficulties are evidence for envelopment.

By Liu Bozhong, Corporal, First Medical Company, First Battalion, 5th Regional Support Commander Hygiene Group, CLC


“Are you healthy?”  Most people will think about their health when asked this question. But when they are asked: “are you mentally healthy?”,  most people are probably not sure of the answer.  Building up fatigue in busy modern society , human bodies get diseases.  People’s spirit will get sick in the same way, which is called melancholia or mental disease.

Facing regular business, guarding duties, pressure from supervisors, adapting to military life, and dealing with comrades, the military officers and soldiers accept a daily-increasing accumulation of pressure and tiredness.  When people have insufficient time but have to take heavy missions at the same time, they cannot help blurting out “I can’t take it anymore!”  The sudden increased workload and a series of unsolved problems over a short period often cause physical and mental illnesses for people.  Being attacked by melancholia, the people seem to stand in a deep valley without sunshine.  At that moment, it is hard for them to cheer themselves up because of the heavy disappointment and tiredness.

People should always keep good stress-relieving habits to maintain their health and good condition. In the past decade, Taiwanese have started to value leisure activities on the weekends.  At the same time, the military advocates preplanning vacations, and planning leisure activities.  In addition to getting enough sleep,  people should go out to take exercise and relieve pressure to maintain good health.  Perhaps it is hard to start off.  Understanding one’s interests may be a good beginning.  With good daily habits, people can create healthy lives, and actively face daily challenges.

Although there are many difficulties in our lives, each breakthrough is evidence of growth.  Expelling the bothering melancholia, creating a positive value of life, and establishing a vital environment evoke hope and confidence in people.  Through helping and caring for each other, and creating a healthy environment, people feel and care by heart, and create a brand new and healthy life.

The article is extracted from Page 3 of Youth Daily News on 14 December 2006  




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