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You should talk to someone rather than be alone when you are experiencing depression

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01

You should talk to someone rather than be alone when you are experiencing depression

It is normal for everyone to be confronted with frustrations. Facing various problems, people should learn about self-modification and resolve mental disorders through counseling.


By Li Qirui, private first class, Battalion HQ Company, Tank Battalion, Marines Sixty Six Brigade, Marine Corps

There was a story circulated on the internet:  A third-grade elementary-school teacher assigned his students a composition named “My father’s wishes”.  When his father got home, one of the students asked him for his three wishes.  The father gave the following answer to the little boy: eating well, sleeping well and smiling well.  The little boy was shocked by the answers, thinking his father must be kidding him.  He wept while he wrote the composition saying “I can’t believe that!  What kind of answers did he give me?  Are those wishes?  Is he trying to embarrass me in front of the teacher? Doesn’t he love me anymore?”  But consequently the little boy scored the highest marks.

When have the things which we take for granted become other people’s wishes?  Although the father’s wishes look unremarkable, they reflect how content and wise his father’s heart is.  How many people are living with the two mental killers of pressure and depression, and feel unhappy in society?  How many of us have a good appetite, sleep well, and smile all the time?  In a competitive environment, due to stress and pressure, people have become unhappy.  Recently people’s emotions have been affected by the dramatic changes in the environment, including the fields of politics and economy. Therefore, learning actively about pressure management, environment adaptation, and self-modification is a critical lesson for those modern unhappy people.

When you are confronted with pressure, put the work aside, listen to music, take some moderate exercise, take a walk, have a chat with someone, go to a movie which will make you laugh, and take a break, which means to give yourself a breakthrough space.  Never, ever stay alone by yourself, and do not think too much to find a solution.

Do you feel blue too?  Are you often unhappy?  Will you tell someone when you are confronted with frustrations or mental injury?  Do you know who you should talk to?  If you have the aforesaid problems, talk to the commander or the battalion chief counselor to release your negative sentiments inside, or ask for assistance from the mental health center.  It will be very helpful. 


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