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The 3rd National Senior High Schools Honor Guard Competition (Finals) & Armed Forces Clubs Achievement Presentation.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/07/08

Ministry of National Defense has hosted the final of “3rd National Senior High Schools Honor Guard Competition” and Armed Forces club achievement presentation at the Main Plaza of the National Theatre & Concert Hall today (6th) afternoon, with the Minister Yen Teh-fa as the host. During his oration, Minister Yen stated that the 3rd National Senior High Schools Honor Guard Competition hosted by Ministry of National Defense this year had a total of 41 schools applying and participating, and after 3 preliminary contests in the north, central, and south respectively, a total of 9 schools including Kang Ming Senior High School, Shin Shing High School, Juang Jing Vocational High School, Taichung Municipal Taichung Girls Senior High School, Kuang-Hwa Vocational Senior High School of Technology in Taichung, Jenteh Junior College of Medicine, Nursing and Management, National Tainan Girl’s Senior High School, National Heng-Chun Industrial & Commercial Vocational High School, and Private Chih-Kuang Vocational High School of Business & Technology were advanced in the competition. The date of final competition was specially chosen on a holiday, and was hosted at the crowded Main Plaza of the National Theatre & Concert Hall; apart from the phenomenal competition, club dynamic performance and static achievement exhibition were also arranged, hoping that the exchange and positive interaction between military and culture is able to elevate club effectiveness, increase daily connotation for fellow comrades, and attract outstanding young people to join the Armed Forces.

Ministry of National Defense has stated that the honor guard competition is hosted because honor guards must sustain repetitive and exhausting trainings, and that participants must be equipped with high sense of honor and enduring determination and perseverance, so that the strength and beauty of the training results can be displayed through rigorous discipline requirements and precise teamwork, which is consistent to the spirit of soldiers that focus on honor, persistence, and perseverance. The ministry hopes that through the honor guard competition everyone is able to learn from each other and challenge each other, which is exactly the main purpose of hosting the competition.

In terms of “Club Dynamic Performance”, it was opened by the MND Symphony Orchestra and Armed Forces Honor Guard, and interweaved with the joint performance by the 58 Cannon Command of the 10th Army Command and TK Dance Fantasy as well as the indigenous dance club performance from the Army Hua-tung Defense Command; in addition, achievement booths from 20 clubs including “Balloon Decoration Club” as well as 18 national defense education interactive propaganda booths including “Dud Unit Equipment Display and Equip Experience” were established, hoping to allow participating citizens to witness the diversified Armed Forces.

Ministry of National Defense stated that young students are an important sector of national defense education, and they are also the main targers for Armed Forces talent recruitment; the Republic of China Armed Forces plan for innovative and multivariate content each year, attracting young students to participate various activities, which not only promotes the idea of national defense, as well as strives for the citizens to support national defense policy, but also conveys0 to the younger generation that joining the Armed Forces is indeed an optimal career choice. The ministry calls out to the young students to take action and join the Armed Forces, and protect our country together.

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