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Hengyang Defending War

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/05/01


Defending War


In 1944, the crucial year of the Second War, the Japanese army wanted to save its inferior position.




Japanese camp raised the plan of the war to help the attack of Southeast Asia by means of the Chinese transport supplies.

Hengyang in Hunan province was just the target of the Japanese army.

The Central Army Commission, who learned Japanese army's attempt decided to guard Hengyang to support the surrounding areas to fight by coordinated action.

Telegraph General Yue Xue




This major mission was to guard Hengyang.                  


Our work personnel and people had grasped Japanese army's pace.

Before the enemy army did not arrive here yet, we had to strive over time to help each other.

Cooperate with people in Hengyang to prepare for the defense.

e I am Army Commander Xianjue Fang. The Central Army Commission just telegraphed us.

 We had neared fifty meters

Army Tenth was very strong, joined all kinds of famous wars, and was good at defense. Before the fight, they made great efforts in the base, so Hengyang was very difficult to attack. 
The Japanese army, try this. The defending troop used grenades and cannons to counterattack. Half of the Japanese army got hurt and died because of their repetitious assault.

The Japanese 68 Division chief: Lieutenant General of Zuojiujian was seriously hurt by cannons.
Lieutenant General

Get a doctor

The bombarding stopped. The Japanese army had to assault.
On June 28th, the Japanese army began to attack Hengyang.


All of the Japanese army attacked, but they were counterattacked by the defending troop. We were not afraid of your attack.
We could harm you by 1:10.
Too many of the Japanese army was seriously harmed, so the supplies were needed.
The Japanese camp was very amazed at this result. I was Dongtiaoyingji. It was impossible for Hengyang to be our counterpart.
So few? The supplies were ceased

During all the period of war of resistance against aggression, the Japanese army could only control the main railways and cities along the coast. The wide central regions were the activity areas of the guerrilla and the armed force, so they could give a blow to the Japanese army at any time.
As long as the chance came, the guerillas would cause the Japanese army trouble. This was a good chance, so attackTherefore, the Japanese army's supplies often encountered the setbacks, so this was one of the reason of starting No 1 War.
It was the guerilla.



The Japanese army, who found difficulty in getting the complete supply, again started the attack of Hengyang, but it still failed and almost all of them died in the defending troop's base.
We were not afraid of you. We defeated you by 1:100. Hatefully
I had to help you shoulder the responsibility.
Hankou. The commander-in-chief seriously denounced the commander.

The Japanese palace.
What's wrong with the dispatch army?

Here we had to make it clear that the Japanese armies of Divisions 68 and 116 were very superior instead of inferior.

The defending troop had paid a high price.




The Japanese armies again assembled more military forces, including Divisions 40, 58, 3, 13, 68, and 116. t
The Japanese army matched the fighters and the cannon troop again attacked Hengyang.
The grenade
The Japanese army originally thought that they could invade Hengyang, but it never occurred to them that the more the defending troop approached the enemy, the more courageous they became to use the grenade. The Division 68 and the 57 regimental commander died in the war.
The attack failed
The regimental commander died in the warSince June, 30,000 died, but we still could not get Hengyang.
The Japanese army began to feel afraid, and even compared this war with the war of Lyushun.


What's wrong with Hengyang?


Because of the long failures in attack and every place, the Cabinet resigned. Ah, we were doomed

When the defending war in Hengyang occurred, American army and the armed force kept attacking in the Pacific Ocean, India, and Union of Myanmar. On August 8th, the defending troop agreed on the ceasefire because of lack of the foreign support and too many wounded army in the end. The Japanese army respected the defending troop greatly and thought that they were admirable counterpart. Statistics: The armed forced died: 6000 people; the Japanese army died: 12186 people. Afterwards, many generals, including General Fang, fled to Chongqing and were highly welcomed. The newspapers and editorials praised Troop Tenth for their courage and contribution to the country. Because of Hengyang's achievement in the defending war, Troop Tenth became R.O.C.'s only troop that ever got four medals of Green Sky and the Sun.
The then defending troop had finished the superior's mission, but General Fang thought he had to shoulder the responsibility of losing the city, so he wanted to shoot himself. In time, he was prevented by the staff officer. The General, never kill yourself




Chairman of Mr. Jiang even awarded Troop Tenth for their efforts for forty-eight days. Such act was a rare miracle in the world. And R.O.C.'s innate moral performance and achievement was made very obvious because of this.
After the war, the Japanese in the war, Mr. Poshixiongxiong especially mentioned our courage and his admiration in his work.
In 1983, the Japanese: Mr. Daotienyong even led Japanese representatives of eighty people in the war to come to Taiwan to pay a tribute to General Fang before the grave.
In the defending war of Hengyang, people offered the information, the guerrila's interception and the concept of the defense works.
In this war, we fully exerted the overall national defense spirit. We not only finished the mission, but won the enemy's respect and the ultimate victory in the war of resistance against aggression. 

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