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Light of Victory

Brief of Youth Daily News

PostDate: 2012/05/14


Brief of Youth Daily NewsYouthDailyNews頁面插圖

Military News Agency of Ministry of National Defense ROC website: news.gpwb.gov.tw


The Youth Daily News was founded on 10 October, 1952 under the name the Youth Warrior Daily.  In 1984, in order to enhance services for the youth in society and the students in schools, the Youth Daily News was renamed to its current name.  After having merged New China Publishing in 1997, the Youth Daily News became a propaganda unit which was capable of publishing newspapers and magazines.  




The main missions of the publisher include news reporting, and military education and propagation.  The details of divided missions are as follows:  

Regular missions:

Propagate the government




Youth Daily News

The Youth Daily News has been transferred to a professional military newspaper since 1st January 2007.  Consisting of four full broadsheets, 16 printed pages, the Youth Daily News features articles on headlines, military news, national defense and diplomacy, status of each army service, international security, various columns of military technology, entertainment, sports, life, education, and becomes a professional military newspaper which is popular among armed forces and obtains high appraisals.



The Light of Victory

The Light of Victory (monthly) was established on 15 July 1953.  The main subjects of contents are in accordance with national policies and propagation for concept of victory and accomplishment.  In addition to national defense administration and construction, and military efficiency, the publisher also plans several special columns including the excellent warriors, tourism information, and introduction of military weapons to provide readers different joys with various materials and substantial contents.  The Light of Victory (monthly) is a complex magazine which is an integration of news, art, knowledge and education.  



Fighting (Monthly)

The Fighting Monthly was founded in January 1954.  It is a publication for each military officer and solider for inspiration of correct concept and solid faith, and for encouragement of loyalty and integrity, and for enhancement of invisible combat capability.  Based on the editing principles such as education, brightness, variety and delicacy, the Fighting Monthly, being mental food, is very popular among military officers and soldiers. 


's decrees and national defense administration to consolidate the leadership and establish mutual trust and consensus between officers and soldiers in accordance with the propagation policy of armed forces.  The current point of propagation is All-out Defense.








I Love My Home (Quarterly)

Founded monthly on the 1st January 1979, the I Love My Home was changed to be published quarterly in January 2007.  The main purposes of the publication are to promote indigenous cultures, explain family ethic, propagate government decrees, offer information on benefits and services to military officers and soldiers, and their family.  The main objectives of the publication are family dependents of soldiers.  Besides, the publication is available for public subscriptions as well, hoping to enlarge the propagation effects on families and societies.  Under the knowledge-oriented frame, the publisher adopts the content that is coupled hardness with softness, collects multiple information, and edits the publication in various vivacious ways in accordance with social context. The I Love My Home quarterly is very popular among the family dependents of soldiers and the public.    






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