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Ministry of National Defense Issues Press Information Stating the “2016 National Defense Educational Trip – Zuoying Naval Base Open Day”

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2016/11/01

Press Information for 1st Regular Press Conference of the Ministry of National Defense in November 2016
Time: 1000 Hours November 1st, 2016

Major General Li Shi-Qiang, Chief of Staff of the Navy Fleet Command
Colonel Chien Shih-Yuan, Head of Combat Readiness and Preparedness Team, Naval Warfare Command, Navy Command

“2016 National Defense Educational Trip – Zuoying Naval Base Open Day”
Event Aim:
Through the Open Day event, the results of the military building and combat readiness can be demonstrated to the public to increase contact and interaction so as to win the recognition and support of the people, instill in the military personnel a sense of duty and honor to excel at their responsibilities and raise the national defense awareness of the people.

Event Organization:
Event Date: 0800 to 1600 Hours on November 12th, 2016 (Saturday) (Refer to Appendix 1 for event itinerary)
Event Location: Zuoying Naval Base
Invited Guests: Provide visits for military personnel, schools, departments, organizations, and citizens

Event Items:
Classified into different sections, such as naval ship tour, display of ground equipment, ground combat skills performance, naval maneuvers, talent recruitment, and military base tour (Refer to Appendix 2 for equipment display.)

The Open Day event welcomes the participation of the public. Members of the public will be allowed entrance into the military base by presenting their National Identity documents (National Identification Card or Driving License). For spouses of foreign or Chinese nationality that have yet to obtain their National Identification Cards, they should be accompanied by their ROC spouses, and present their spouse identification or residence permits when entering the military base.
Foreign nurses should be accompanied by their wards and present their residence permits and legal documents when entering the military base.
With the exception of submission of a photocopy of passport and written information (Name, Gender, Birthdate, Nationality, Passport Number) for advance applications to the Navy Command Headquarters for approval, foreigners that are neither foreign/Chinese spouses nor foreign nurses (including news reporters) will not be allowed to apply for provisional entry passes into the military base.
In order to ensure the neutral stance of the administration and the purity of the military base, dissemination and distribution of election materials, flags, and rallying campaigns are prohibited during the Open Day event.
Possession and usage of aerial photography drones and remote control aircraft is prohibited in the military base to ensure the security and aerial regulation of the military base.

Service Information:
Event Inquiry: First Lieutenant Lu Yi-Wen 07-5813141 ext. 785246
Media Liaison: Lieutenant Colonel Zhang Zhi-Cheng 07-5813141 ext. 784967
Service Hours: 0800 AM to 0500 PM
For more information on the event, please visit the “Navy Website” at www.navy.mnd.gov.tw.

Transportation Information:
Shuttle bus services will be offered from 0800 to 1600 hours on the event date. No entries will be accommodated after 1530 hours.
Residents of Kaohsiung City may take the metro or bus to “World Games Station”, “Jieshou Rd”, and “Bisheng Rd” and transfer to the shuttle bus to the event.
Visitors traveling from central and southern Taiwan (Southbound) may drive along National Freeway No. 1, National Freeway No. 3, National Freeway No. 10, Provincial Highway No. 1, and Provincial Highway 17 to the car parks at “Victory Military Base”, “Chong Shi New Village”, and “Four Seas One Family”.
Visitors traveling from Pingtung (Northbound) may drive along National Freeway No. 1, National Freeway No. 3, National Freeway No. 10, Provincial Highway No. 1, and Provincial Highway 17 to the car parks at “Chong Shi New Village” and “Loyalty Military Base”.
Buses carrying group visitors shall enter the military base via the Zhong Hai Entrance (World Games Boulevard – Naval Academy Intersection) and Zhong Zheng Entrance (Zhong Zheng Rd and Jieshou Intersection).
For more details on shuttle bus services, please visit the “Navy Website”.

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