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Stride with Pride on the Nation’s Birthday—A Day for the Military to Flex Muscles

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2020/10/10

(Reported by Chou Li-Hsing, Correspondent of Military News Agency on October 10th in Taipei) The 2020 Double Tenth Day, the National Day of the Republic of China, is themed upon a sign that reads “Stride with Pride, Democratic Taiwan!” Hosted by Yu Shyi-kun, President of Legislative Yuan, the celebration of the day was attended by President Tsai Ing-Wen and all the cabinet members as well as ambassadors, representatives, and overseas Taiwanese guests. The phenomenal ceremony featured remarkable military parades, which radiated superior morale and full-fledged combat readiness.

As a prelude, the military marching band stunned the crowd with a series of musical arrangements and artistic exhibition drill. The warmup performance began with self-composed pieces such Sea Wind March and Facing COVID with Bravery, with the marching band performing Pioneer of Democracy, Everlasting Guard, All as One, Stride with Pride. The half-time show featured silent drill, while the epilogue appealed to the throng with popular ballads such Grass, the Smell of Rice, Determined to Go Forward, with the marching band changing their formations and techniques to display the glory of Double Tenth, linear wave parade and hand-in-hand teamwork. The dynamism of the shows promoted the nation’s energy to stride with pride and won ovation from the public.

The Military Police Command was also asked to perform a spectacular parade on their Harley motorcycles. Led by a Lincoln limousine and 8 reconnaissance vehicles, the 36-motorcycle parade strutted in front of the stage in a 5-km-per-hour speed. The riders were in helmet and combat uniform, taking the march in stride. The rally then returned to the stage and overwhelmed the crowd with various formations including forward stride, double tenth in Mandarin, clockwise and counterclockwise interchanging cycles and V-formation.

Also featured in the performance were the 8-traditional-instrument orchestra from Miaoli, marching band from Taipei First Girls’ Senior High School and the National Police Agency Special Operations Group (NPASOG), drawing the audience’s attention to the staggering manifestation of the nation’s pride.

Led by Sergeant Chen Yu-Lin affiliated with New Taipei City Reserved Army Command and those who have been committed to fighting with COVID-19, the singing of the Republic of China national anthem was performed by Singsong Chorus from Taipei Medical University. Meanwhile, two colossal flags was escorted by 7 UH-60M helicopters and ferried by 2 CH-47D transport helicopters across mid-air above the stage, igniting the spark of patriotism in everyone’s heart.

Following the celebration events, a procession of 5 Humvees and 6 medium-sized tactical vehicles carrying 100 representatives with enormous achievements in the fight against COVID-19 were greeted and hailed by the audience. The follow-up shows, themed on time, blessings and new energy, included a variety of shows, such as gongs, bands, martial arts, street dance, acapella, Cyr wheel performance, extreme sports, songs, and choirs, leaving the spectators impressed and bedazzled by the variety of talents and richness of cultural diversity in Taiwan.

The climax of the celebration was reached when a few F16-V’s and the ROC Air Force Thunder Tiger Aerobatics Team fleeted across the sky in a V formation above the stage, paying attribute to the distinguished guests and attending representatives. The celebration culminated with a stunning fly-past consisting of three-color stripes in the air, wishing the Republic of China a sincere happy birthday.

Stride with Pride on the Nation’s Birthday—A Day for the Military to Flex Muscles
Stride with Pride on the Nation’s Birthday—A Day for the Military to Flex Muscles
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