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The Ministry of National Defense issued a press release stating that "anyone who collects a discharge pension in a lump sum and then holds public office is suspended from having a favorable interest rate for deposits"

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2020/05/24

In response to the media’s report today (24) that “anyone who receives a discharge pension and then holds public office is suspended from having a favorable interest rate for deposits,” the Ministry of National Defense (MND) stated the following:

1. This case was initiated and placed under investigation by the Control Yuan, which put forth corrections on April 23, 2020, requesting the MND to review servicemen discharged from the military who then held public office again after collecting their discharge pension in a lump sum. In view of such legal interpretations made on September 18, 2018, which did not suspend a favorable interest rate on deposits, the Yuan has found it necessary to base practice on the spirit of government pension reform, as well as the resolution intention by the Legislative Yuan in past years that restricts “dual remuneration” for amelioration. Furthermore, the interpretation of documents from this Yuan is conducted according to the text stated in the related provisions of the Army, Navy, Air-Force Officer and Non-commissioned Officer Regulations of Service for re-appointment, and would hereby clarify that it has not, in whatsoever means, worked to provide any privilege to specific personnel.

2. After the pension reform of July 2018, the MND has focused on those who collect retirement pensions and accept re-appointment with a scenario stipulated in Article 34 of the Service Regulations, and, according to law, these individuals have been stopped from processing retirement pensions and favorable interest rates of deposits. Moreover, individuals who only collect their discharge pension in a lump sum and receive re-appointment (without retirement pension) should also be suspended from the fitting measure of favorable interest rates of deposits based on the investigation and correction by the Control Yuan.

3. Based on the corrective opinions of the Control Yuan, the MND has thus stopped processing the aforementioned favorable interest rate of deposits, and any official documents produced are sent to the Veterans Affairs and other relevant agencies to cooperate with the Control Yuan and conform to the stipulations of the Supervision Law and its Enforcement Rules.

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