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The quarantine results of the sea-faring training detachment by the Goodwill Fleet of the Navy in 2020

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2020/05/03

The MND stated today (3) that the sea-faring training voyage of the Goodwill Fleet for 2020 is made up of officers and soldiers, as well as students from the naval section of the Political Warfare College of National Defense University (NDU), with a total of 713 members. Today, they completed their isolation period and their tests. The test results of all the officers and men on board of La Fayette Class Cruiser and Yueh Fei Missile Frigate were found to be negative, and they were released from isolation on the morning of the next day (4) to return home for self-management of health. As for the test results of four members on the Panshi Combat Support Ship, they were then sent to the hospital for treatment because of positive test results, while the rest of the crew was tested again upon instruction by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC). If the test result was negative, the quarantine could be lifted in the afternoon, and they were allowed to return home for self-management of health.

The MND pointed out that maintaining combat power is based on continuous diligence and training. With regard to the sea-faring detachment of the Goodwill Fleet, it had successfully carried out the tasks of defending our sea waters, bringing comfort and solace to overseas Chinese, and promoting friendly relationships with countries with diplomatic ties. Having withstood turbulence on the sea and the torment of training over dozens of days, the crew on board suffered much work and effort and deserve recognition and praise from our nationals. The MND hopes that all members of society can care for all the officers and men on board of the Panshi, Yue Fei, and La Fayette. The encouragement, care, and support of all our citizens will help all officers and men of the Armed Forces to bravely bear the important task of protecting the country and people with high morale.

Last but not least, the MND stated it is currently carrying out an evaluation to allocate PCR testing equipment in order to improve epidemic prevention for the Armed Forces, as suggested by the CECC. In view of the scenario of long-term reconnaissance and patrol vessels on sea, as well as the needs by military hospitals in each combat zone, the plan to deploy PCR testing equipment can quickly diagnose epidemic cases and promptly respond, rendering epidemic prevention more comprehensive and preventing future incidents of group infection.

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