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Ministry of National Defense Press Release Admissions into R.O.C Military Academies in 2020

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2020/03/03


March 3, 2020 10:00

Subject: Admissions into R.O.C Military Academies in 2020

Press Conference Panelists

GEN Tian-Yo Wen (Major General)

Dean, Political Warfare, National Defense University (NDU)

GEN Yuan-Yu Jing (Major General)

Dean, Chung-Cheng Institute of Technology (NDU)

GEN Ming-Shan Niou (Major General),

Dean, College of Management (NDU)

GEN Yu-Lin Chen (Major General)

Dean, College of Political Warfare College (NDU)

COL. Cheng-Yin Lei (Colonel)

Deputy Director, Human Resources Development Department, Office of the Deputy Chief of General Staff for Personnel

GEN Wen-huang Lin (Major General),

Director, Joint Warfare Department, Office of the Deputy Chief of General Staff for Operations and Planning

COL. Chung-cheng Kao (Colonel)

Director, Department of Medical Readiness and Health Care, Medical Affairs Bureau (MND)

Mr. Shi-Zong Kang

Director, Office of Technology Planning, Department of Resources Planning

Admissions into R.O.C Military Academies in 2020

Path to Success Starts with Your Admission

While high school graduates were informed of their results of the GSAT on February 24, many have arrived at the crossroads of their lives. These years have witnessed a significant increase of applications for military academies as the choice of a military career has become popular among the youth. The National Defense University (NDU) said that their undergraduate programs are designed to prepare students with multi-faceted skills and knowledge for future military personnel equipped with both liberal and martial arts. In addition to the core curriculum for cultivating future military officers, our programs encompass electives in a wide spectrum of fields, preparing our graduates with what it takes to be a military officer along with expertise of national defense, strategic management and military social sciences. Admissions in 2020 will be conducted jointly by three academies, opening opportunities to 503 successful candidates aged between 17 and 22. Registration will be available through March 30. We encourage early preparations so that candidates will have a greater momentum and readiness to embrace a promising future.

In the face of globalization, the NDU said it will continue to optimize its curriculum design and take advantage of the modern facilities, such as scenario classrooms, complementary activities and campus broadcasting, forging a diverse learning environment to spark learning enthusiasm. Each campus is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching technology and amenities, easy access to daily-life necessities and sports fields so that cadets focus on their learning while making themselves at home here in our academies. Further upgrades of equipment and school buildings will be planned and deployed, benefiting the cadets with top-notch academic amenities and unbeatable learning environment.

The NDU, as it claims, is the only military educational institution in Taiwan committed to the integration of military expertise with undergraduate studies. It is the cradle for future elite military officers and military professionals. Youngsters are encouraged to join us and take on the challenges before launching a brilliant career in the military, which will not only be what you do but who you are for a lifetime. One can rest assured that the military can be trusted for their professional training, continuous education and security of benefits.

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