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Ministry of National Defense Released Media Reference Materials of “Republic of China 2019 Armed Forces Day and National Defense Education Commendation Ceremony”.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/08/30

Ministry of National Defense has stated today (30th) that the Armed Forces commend on the military establishment and combat readiness of the Armed Forces and the effectiveness from their promotion of public national defense through annual role model selection and commendation, as well as celebration activities, in order to achieve the objectives of recognizing outstanding performance, establishing role models, and encouraging the morale of soldiers and officers. The Armed Forces Day and National Defense Education Commendation Ceremony this year (2019) was hosted at 10:00 this morning at the Zhongzheng Hall, where President Tsai Ing-wen personally attended as the host, then awarded and commended awardees including “Armed Forces Role Model”, “Exemplary Group Supervisor”, “Exemplary Military Esteem”, and “Outstanding Contribution Award for Public National Defense”.

Ministry of National Defense pointed out that in order to express the gratitude to the Friends of Armed Forces Association for showing solicitude to the Armed Forces, the ministry especially hosted the commendation activities alongside the Friends of Armed Forces Association this year to commend 44 “Armed Forces Role Models” including Colonel Zhong Zheng-fu of the 10th Army Command, 26 “Exemplary Group Supervisors” including Captain Tsai Ya-wen, Commander of the 2nd Company of 21 Cannon Command Air Defense Camp of the 6th Army Command, 22 “Exemplary Military Esteem” including Mr Lin Can-ming, Deputy Managing Director of the Taiwan Importers and Exporters Chamber of Commerce, 37 “Outstanding Contribution Personal Awards for Public National Defense” including Mr. Zhang Ren-ji, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, and 19 “Outstanding Contribution Group Awards for Public National Defense” including Mr. Hsieh Zheng-da, Deputy Mayor of New Taipei City, totaling in 148 awardees. All awardees and their families took a group photo with the president at the end of the ceremony amidst the warm and solemn atmosphere.

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