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Admiral Hsiung Hou-chi, Commander of Air Force, Hosts the 90th Anniversary of Air Force Academy.

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2019/09/02

(reported by journalist Chen, Jun-Jun from Military News Agency on August 1st in Kaohsiung) This year happens to be the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Air Force Academy, and the celebration ceremony was hosted today, where Admiral Hsiung Hou-chi, Commander of Air Force, served as the host, as well as led the retired Air Force high-ranking officers and senior teachers to attend the celebration ceremony and event, while also witness the education achievement of “excel in both civil and military affairs, possess both talent and virtue” for students, and the great ambition of the Air Force to fly high in the sky and dedicate its service to the country.

The event unfolded with stunts performed by the Air Force Thunder Tigers, where they implemented performance presentation, high speed aerial overhead, spiral flight, and reverse flight, manifesting the flight techniques of pilots achieved from refined and diligent training.

Following the stunt performance was the parade of troops including the students of the Air Force Academy and the ROTC, which displayed the Jianqiao spirit and the determination of protecting the country.

After the Air Force Thunder Tigers flew over the venue with 7 units of fighter aircrafts in an anser formation and the parade presentation, fighter aircrafts including IDF, F-16, Mirage 2000, and AT3 implemented an aerial military review to congratulate the Air Force Academy for its 90th birthday.

Apart from recognizing all participating troops for their high morale and increasingly sophisticated performance, Commander Hsiung also reminded cadres of each level and all participating troops to not forget the foundation formed by the contribution of their predecessors, and during his oration, he also expressed his deepest respect and gratitude to the attending retired high-ranking officers and senior teachers.

Subsequent to the completion of the parade, Commander Hsiung and various retired Air Force high-ranking officers and senior teachers went to the Air Force Academy History Museum with the accompaniment of principal major general Yang, where they visited the academy history arcade and education achievement exhibition, and cut the anniversary cake at the restaurant to celebrate the 90th birthday of the academy together. The crowd also encouraged the Air Force fighters to construct a steel contingent that is trusted and supported by the public using scientific and modernized military knowledge and cultivation, which is able to ensure the security of air defense in the country.

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