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MND revealing the plan of “HK-33”

Political Warfare Bureau,M.N.D.PostDate: 2017/04/19

The military exercise “HK-33” is going to be launched in May. MND revealed the detail that it contains two stages, i.e. “Strategy Modelling” and “Life-troop Simulation”. It is expected to inspect the adaptability and applicability of defense project as a critical reference for Taiwan’s military preparation. MND held a routine press conference in the morning and General Chiang explained the content of the exercise. MND indicated that the “Strategy Modelling” at first stage will be conducted from May 1st to 5th in JOCC of MND.

The modelling system of joint combat area will be applied with National Defense University as the attacking force. In accordance with the combat procedures the joint air defense, joint interception and joint homeland defense will be commenced under 24-hour continuous implementation. The point is to preserve the combat ability, jointly collect intelligence, joint anti-siege and joint anti-landing operation. The adaptability will be under discussion and reflection to fulfill the projects.

The stage two “Life-troop Simulation” will be carried out from May 22nd to May 26th. Based on the principle “Short-time, Large-scale and Deliberate-troop”, it is assumed that the attacking force converts the exercise into real operation. All troops taking part in will adopt “all-hands-on-deck and partial-life-fire” pattern to go through the exercise for 5 days and 4 nights. In the process of combat the forces will apply yearly joint exercise to examine the subjects such as base defense, preservation of capability, joint air raid, joint anti-landing operation, joint IT combat and afterward re-settlement. It is to, eventually, improve the performance of preparation and joint combat.

In addition, to imitate the real situation on battle field, the marines will be the attacking force launching the landing operation at the stage “Life-troop Simulation”. The 1st Combat Area (Penghu) shall apply all resources to the battle field based on the concept “Civil Mobilizing Defense” to execute “Island Defense Combat” with life troops and life-fire shooting.

MND said that the exercise is following the critical principles, i.e. “Predicting threats to examine the combat plans”, “Expanding the remote control and enhancing the command chain”, “Integrating the forces to present the joint performance”, “Applying the civil efforts to re-settle the combat capability”, and “Refining the training to obtain professional reserves”. It is to achieve the full-aspect preparation to sharpen the capability of forces with civil efforts for a refined national defense in order to sustainably secure the country.

MND interpreting the detail of “HK-33” including two stages of “Strategy Modelling” and “Life-troop Simulation”. (Photo Credit: MNA)
MND interpreting the detail of “HK-33” including two stages of “Strategy Modelling” and “Life-troop Simulation”. (Photo Credit: MNA)
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