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Year Model Calendar

Political Warfare BureauPostDate: 2016/01/05

Year Model Canendar
The TV program “Chu Kuang TV Teaching” as the extension of civic education and a part of social education has always been the medium to encourage the spirit of military fellows and promote all-out defense education. Ever since the program started in 1974, it has been highly praised by military fellows and the public. Therefore, we selected six military officers from the ROC Army, Navy and Air Force who are the current (and associate) anchors of “Chu Kuang TV Teaching” to be the models for the year calendar of 2016 to show the positive, professional, and bright image of the R.O.C Armed Forces.
The year calendar was designed as a wall calendar with 15 pages, including a cover page, an introduction page, and 12 monthly calendar pages, and a bottom page. Each anchor is the ambassador of the Armed Forces for each month respectively, showing the anchor’s picture, military professions, and leisure life to promote the positive image of the Armed Forces and earn the citizens’ recognition and support. On the bottom page, we placed a photo of six woman anchors with hand hearts to express the faith of the Armed Forces: “country, responsibility, and honor”; that is, we devote the loyalty to the country, show the fidelity to our parents, bring love and care to our fellows, show perseverance to pursuit knowledge, and build our self-confidence. We take every step with pride, shoulder the responsibility of defensing the country, and walk toward a bright future.

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