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Political Education

Political Education

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Chu-Kuang Garden Course


"Chu-kuang Garden" television teaching program is an extension of civic education, a part of social education, also a main channel of "patriotic education" of military, the program is planned according to the norms of Constitution and the National Defense Law, combined with the objectives of government policy, and take consideration of the need for the social situation, the progress of cross-strait relation, the military development and war preparation, approaching the mission by diversity and liveliness, and placing emphasis on building officers and soldiers a consensus of "abide by constitutional norms, strengthen patriotic beliefs, cultivate military ethics refinement, strive the loyalty and integrity and implement the military nationalization,” contents included different nature theme of moral encouragement and intelligence augment, such as "current affair decree, national defense, moral character and integrity, leisure and entertainment, folk culture and historical site introduction", to nurture officers and soldiers loyalty to the country, love to the people, loyal to the team, dedicated sentiment to the career, strive the spirit of obedience and sacrifice, thorough practice of order, swear loyalty to achieve tasks, and insight into the enemy unification conspiracy, enhance the sense of crisis, a firm will to resist enemy, establish the correct philosophy of life and value cognition as a military personnel should be, in order to fulfill the military duties for the protection of the peoples and country.


"TV Political Education Steering Committee" started planning for TV teaching on June 13, 1974, the first pilot run was conducted on July 1 in the same year, produced by the Ministry of National Defense, and then broadcast through the Chinese TV. Starting from January of 1975, the Chinese TV set up a full-time broadcasting system, recruited experts and scholars for the planning of program production and broadcasting, each episode was 90 minutes.

Starting from 1978, in order to make education direction and mission focus fit more with the elements of national policy and under control timely, Ministry of National Defense unified the responsibility for the education policy, the curriculum progress control, the recruit of experts and scholars, the program planning such as the validation of manuscript collection and the effective of implementation.  CTS were responsible for the expertise on program recording and broadcasting.

Starting from 1999, in response to the promulgation of Government Procurement Law, the production and broadcasting of "Chu-kuang Garden" television teaching program went through open bidding operation process in according to the law, since then Chinese TV works as the bid- qualified vendor annually, contracted the program production and broadcast up-to-dated, upheld the excellent production and broadcast standards as the past, strive the program to play a real-time, comprehensive, and convenient educational services.

Starting from 2002, the program was adjusted to 70 minutes per episode, renamed the unit as "Flute Song of the Tiger Tent", and separated program into two segments; the former segment (about 50 minutes) focuses on education, current affairs, motivational and policy; latter segment (about 20 minutes) was featuring in cultural, living, intelligence and entertainment. Starting from May of 2007, to cooperate with the weekly war-preparing and training course, Chu-Kuang Garden teaching television broadcast at 2:10 pm every Friday and replay at 8:10 am on Saturday, program content can be reviewed by clicking on the "Chu-Kuang Day online teaching" of Ministry of National Defense General Political Warefare Bureau website. (Program and content description is given in the "Chu-Kuang Garden" the seventh page of the Youth Daily News every Monday)

Diligent Act

In order to make "Chu-Kuang Garden" program   cope with the times, and march toward the "multiple, opulent, lifestyle " streamlining type program, starting from October of 2006, through grasping the principle of "upgrade program planning, refine content quality, rapid operation speed, effect realistic education", seeking a breakthrough, combining with the latest communication technology, innovative multi-play, producing 3D animation, popular series, fashion entertainment, funny skits and puppet shows, stage plays and other learning-in-fun program, the program has won the support and praise from officers and soldiers as well as the general audience.

"Chu-kuang Garden" television teaching is the main act and important channel of military and political education, also as an important part and extension of community and civic education, influence is far-reaching. The Department will hold on the consistence of an open mind, intention, sincere and responsible attitude, regularly review for excellence, and aim to reach the educational purpose of building up the total consensus of trust and awareness, enhance combat capability.


 Military "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" Implementation Guidelines

Educational purposes

To establish the right acknowledge of "abide by constitutional norms, strengthen patriotic beliefs, strive loyalty and intergrity, and implement the military nationalization", to achieve cohesion to the heart and boost morale, strengthening for the spirit of combat power and the goal to complete the military mission

Including all military officers, petty officers, students, soldiers, civil service and contracted personnel.


Period of Attendance

All units will take class on Thursday afternoon mainly, for those unit can not cope with the regular hour will be rescheduled their own teaching time by each Command (Ministry of National Defense subordinate units, schools take as the same); all staff units of Defense Department, teaching hour is unified at 1410 -1550 pm every Thursday.

Staff of Group level (including likewise unit) units or up:

Battalion, Company level (including likewise unit) or below:

Teaching hours shall be no less than 200 minutes per week; teaching time of battalion staff is the same as the group-level unit.

Production plant (including welfare supply unit), hospital medical staff, R & D institutions:

Military School (College):
Staff, team cadres: carry out the same as Group level.

Troop report direct to school: carry out the same as Battalion, Company level. 

School "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" course should be implemented to match with the school education program.

Recruit training center:

Teaching time is the same as the battalion and company level units.

"Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" course of recruits, shall be performed according to the Recruit training courses hour distribution table and model-based curriculum table", report to the Ministry for review every year.

Teaching Method

Teaching preparation seminar 

Purpose: Mainly on cadres' education, work guidance, experience inheritance and focus on exploring unit teaching problem, survey causes and propose solutions, strengthen the education effectiveness.

Holding time and method to be conducted by each  Command respectively (including likewise level)
The officer's and soldier's "Soldier Notes"

All units make schedule by themselves, but should complete writing before 1800 every Thursday; makeup staff to be scheduled some other time, but should complete writing, marking at the time prior to "Chu- Kuang Day Teaching" course next week.

Writing style

To write one articles of "thought after learning" per week (combing with the implementation of education, such as discipline, keep confidential and anti-spy, no additional paragraph required). The company level (including likewise level), Counseling Officer (or substitute) shall follow the week selection of Good Deeds from the monthly Struggle Journal, "Chu-Kuang garden" version of Youth Daily News or the army services newspaper, started with guiding the officers and soldiers about writing focus and skills, then assign the college degree officers and soldiers to extent the guidance for the lower degree or limited literacy staff to complete writing.

Volunteer Soldiers (officers) writing process, can be set their own requirement by each Command (including likewise level) according to characteristics and needs, in principle, no less than the service tenure of obligation Soldiers

Marking method

The company level (including likewise level), counseling officers (or substitute) should fully read officer's and soldier's "Military Notes before their leave in order to implement the mechanism of detection and prevention.

The platoon leader will make first marking according to the organization structure, while company level principal, deputy officer (management) and supervision officer of petty officer should complete marking before the teaching course next week (principal, deputy officermanagement and supervision! officer of petty officer should complete the whole company review in turns at least once a month); Officers above the battalion level (management), petty officer supervise officer should actively take the random checking, in order for better understanding of the learning and life issues of officers and soldiers. To the contingent or in remote location unit, notes may be marked by commander of the base first, then unit's commanding officer (Management), petty officer supervise officer of company (included) or upper level, will implement random review during stagnation or auxiliary visit.

All level of marking personnel should take complete review and concept guidance for the contents of soldier's "thought after learning", and use the blank portion at the top or on the back of "Military Notes", perform writing conversation with the officers and soldiers (exchange of view or provide guidance)

Teaching Practice

"Chu-kuang Garden" television teaching

Broadcast in Chinese TV once every Thursday (Regular class hour), 1410pm on Friday and 0810am on Saturday. Each episode features a time of 70 minutes, separated into the former segment of policy programs and the latter segment of general programs, staff and bi-weekly teaching units are mainly watching policy program.

Program content is available on the Ministry of National Defense website every Thursday (Both Army and Internet website offers "view on-demand " and "download" two selection mode), all units are free to use the Internet.

"Good Deeds Reading" study explanation:

The unit should specify the person to lead the reading in advance and properly prepared, take 10 minutes before and after viewing television teaching, lead the reading in according to the Good Deeds table of choose reading contents from the "Struggle" monthly journey (military students reading in accordance with the other provision), the principal officer (management) performs key explanation after teaching.

Comprehensive discussion (distinct with reading thought report, prize game and officers conclusionincluded military discipline security mission):

Should be presided over by the unit's commanding officer personally, teaching groundwork shall be well prepared with pre-site planning and introduction personnel in advance, to ascertain to reach the teaching effect.

Thought report

Practice should be energetic, natural, the host should select 2 to 3 people to implement thought report after teaching, and award (prize) should be given to the excellent reporters in time.

Game Prize

Make examine question from the content of teaching course on TV, Youth Daily News of the week (including "Our Voices" column) and the reference proposition from army service newspapers and periods, prepare prizes, adopt the easy way for the question and answer.

Officer's conclusion (including military discipline security mission):

Presided over by the unit's commanding officer personallyto proceed summarization of key points for the curriculum and related propaganda documents of the week, tip notes of discipline security, strengthen the awareness of hazard prevention for officers and soldiers, unify or individual reply to the officers and soldiers "Soldier Notes", to avoid officers or soldiers on leave with problem which will be arising with the aftermath trouble.

Chu-Kuang Day auxiliary teaching activities:

Should get into the military song teaching, new book introduction, study thought report, ball games, fun competitions and team activities, program set by their own Army Command (including likewise level)

Personnel attend (make up) class control:

All units should exercise according to the set table, strictly perform the Chu-Kuang Day education curriculum, and strictly control of all personnel on task, on duty and on leave to eliminate the dead corner for education, works up to the requirement of full attendance on course, officers and soldiers at all levels shall not implement unrelated matters in the "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" curriculum. (The statics of class attendance quote on the class report form, or sign report book;  curriculum implementation and planning to make up classes shall be available on the "troop work log" or "political warfare work summery" for future reference).

Makeup approach mainly on television (video) teaching and "Soldier Notes" writing, makeup time is determined by each Command (including likewise level).

Each command (including likewise level) operates  according to the collective makeup principle of the region; develop specific practice according to task, characteristics.

In case the education time needs to be adjusted because temporary special mission, after submitted and approved by the General level (inclusive) or upper officer (independent remoteunit shall be approved by the Colonel (inclusive) or upper officer), shall report to each Command by telephone, and compile, transmit to the Ministry (Form as Table 6) before 1200 at noon every Wednesday, In case of the teaching time table encountered the higher-level of non-combat related general administrative matters, shall report and explain by fax or telephone. If the administrative negligence on "not practice according to table" is verified by the Ministry's inspection, unit shall be reviewed and punished according to the regulation.


Main reference: including the content of minister issued "Struggle" magazine, "Chu-kuang Garden" version on Youth Daily News and the army services newspaper.

Supplement reference: including Monthly Journal of Armed Force's "The Troop Bookcase", Light of Victory", "I Love My Home" and other relevant political and religious propaganda information.

Implementation methods

All levels should comply with the "Chu- Guang Day Teaching" courses (to avoid the occupation of other training time), for the implementation of auxiliary interviews, questionnaires and discussion with the lower level on a regular basis, in order to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of teaching, to learn about the virtue concept and promote situation of practical works for the base-level officers and soldiers and to establish a two-way communication channel.

Each Command (Ministry of National Defense subordinate units, schools take as the same) released "Chu- Guang Day Teaching" auxiliary visit record in the army services website every month (first week of the next month), for the information and learning for all levels, headquarter will irregularly implement the sampling and evaluation accordingly.

The Ministry takes auxiliary visit on the Command Office and subordinate units (schools), mainly to sampling unit's performance on auxiliary visit to their subordinate units, process appraisal work to implement the decentralized system.


General Provisions

The whole "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" shall be presided over by the unit's commanding officer, if due to public service or combat mission, will be presided over by the job substitute.

If "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" encountered the national holiday, then stop the teaching once, make up class won't be implemented

Chu- Guang Day teaching venues shall be arranged by each unit according to the status of their space, take the appropriateness of venues as the priority, implement the collective or distributive allocation, to achieve the teaching aims is the main objective.

Supplement of "Class attendance basis and explanation of Military School (collage) Civilian full-time teachers in participation to the 'Chu-Kuang Day Teaching'"

According to the provision of "Armed Force Chu-Kuang Day teaching' Implementation Guidelines ", personnel subjects taught are "all the members of the military (including officers, soldiers, civilian officials, contract staff)", except as otherwise provided in law, the full-time civilian teachers of all military academies should be in accordance with the regulation of the Ministry, to participate in "Chu-Kuang Day Teaching" course.

According to the "Teachers Law" Article 17 Paragraph 1, 4, 7 provide that full-time teachers should bear the following obligations: "Abide by the contract provision", "Counseling or discipline students, guiding them to a proper development and developing their sound character", "attends school academic, administrative work and social activities according to relevant laws ".Chu-Kuang Day teaching" is the curriculum involved by the entire armed forces and all staff, contents is designed to help all of the army to understand the policy of nation, defense and war preparations, through policy content of former segment of the program, expect to help teachers counseling and cultivating student's life and patriotic consciousness.

All subordinate units (schools) of Commands and the Ministry, should consider the task characteristics, set up specific practices, and enact to their units at all levels for implementation and notify the Department.

For any issue not mentioned herein, another ordinance will be made for supplement.


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